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Posted by kaptainkrunch | Mar 04, 2008 @ 01:40 PM | 2,986 Views
I have been going through the threads and they have been a great help! And I needed help! I am also new to the idea of posting threads and such. I Just read and send email. (And read threads!) If I do anything improper, forgive my ignorance, please!

We are from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. We were in Florida and we celebrated my 63rd birthday there Jan. 31. I asked my wife of, Thirty Five Years, "What did you buy me for my birthday!?" Reply "If I knew what you wanted, I would have bought it for you!" I said: "I know what I want!" I phoned my LHS, in Winnipeg, and ordered My EasyStar RTF! (Age teachs you, timing is everything! )

We returned home Feb. 6th and the EasyStar (Blue wing, 1200 N. Mh.) arrived Feb. 8th. I put it together, that evening. I have read that the instruction are great! For me, they needed more pictures! There was a bent Elevator wire. I wasn't sure if it was correct, that way, or not. The pushrod connector didn't look correct for the rudder and I was sure I had read something about reversing it in this Forum. ( doing Sarges Z is a better solution as you can get at the allen screw for adjustments) Went to many of the resources on this Easy Star Forum and got the information that was required. Build took about three, relaxed, hours with rearching the site! Thank you! (Imagine, if I had a kit version, or a Balsa Kit!)

About 38 years ago (I was single!) I bought a 3 channel trainer and 5 Channel radio (Early idea of a...Continue Reading