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Posted by chiloschista | Jul 12, 2011 @ 03:46 AM | 6,450 Views
yes, I piloted both at the same time

The main plane is a FunCub equipped with UavDevBoard and on board tracking video camera. The autopilot is programmed to let the camera follow the target plane.
The second plane, the target plane, is a stock EasyStar, carrying another UavDevBoard, only to send its position.
I took off with the FunCub and put it in autonomous mode. Me having in my hands two RC transmitters, my son kindly launched for me the EasyStar and I drove it all the flight long.
The hardest part was try to stay in the camera turret range. The FunCub speed is set to 50km/h, but even at this speed it is a challenge to follow it and stay in front, with a fully stock EasyStar.
At the end of the flight (FunCub autonomy), my son asked to land his plane
I landed the FunCub.

Many thanks to Bill Premerlani, Ben Levitt and Pete Hollands for great continuous support and all the smart UavDevBoard community ...

Best regards,


Two planes and one pilot ? (4 min 51 sec)