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Posted by budkeywest | Apr 08, 2009 @ 09:42 PM | 12,563 Views
I got this idea from the July 2008 issue of Fly RC Magazine. I tried to email them this story with photos, but every e-mail address I tryed kept getting returned...

So....After months of thinking and planning this project, I asked Owen, a flying buddy at our field, if he could find an old front bicycle tire with a rim and axle. I explained to him my idea and not only did he procure a rim and axle, but he gave me a telescoping pole he no longer had any use for. I had some ripstop cloth material leftover from my homemade parachute (perhaps a story for my next e-mail). My internet research for a windsock pattern left me high and dry, so I took the Sunday paper, fashioned a cone, taped it together, cut the ends to form my windsock and cut it down the middle to form a pattern to cut the material. Funny enough, I had purchased a sewing machine for my wife about 15 years ago...and I have used it more than she has. I sewed together my windsock and made a tunnel on the big end to place a circular wire. I found an old clothes hanger and slid the material through the "tunnel" and attached the ends of the wire with 4 zip ties. I then carefully shaped the wire to form a circle, not a perfect circle, but a circle none the less. I then took the tire and removed the tire and the innertube. I them used my dremel and cut the spokes as close to the rim as possible. I remove all the spokes and chose 4 that were the same length. Accorrding to the instructions from the original...Continue Reading