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Posted by glassfox | Sep 23, 2015 @ 04:00 AM | 9,386 Views
Tarot 250-280 Racing Quadcopter
-Mechanical structure for easy mount and maintenance
- Excellent aerodynamic performance with streamlined cover and compact frame/body
-Dedicated antenna mounting area and GPS mounting plate
-Adjustable camera mounting plate
-Integrated PCB board
-Light Weight

Reconmended Configuration:
-2*Pair of Foxtech Brushless Motor MT1806 KV2280 CW/CCW
-4*Hobbywing XRotor 10A ESC(no BEC)
-1*Foxtech Super Mini Adjustable BEC
-2*Pair of 5030 Rainbow Propeller
-1*Mini CC3D Flight Controller
More details:

Tarot 250-280 Racing Quadcopter (10 min 2 sec)

Posted by glassfox | Sep 21, 2015 @ 05:06 AM | 4,668 Views
TR250 FPV Racing Quadcopter combo:
-Supplied plug and play
-Made of carbon fiber, neat design and light weight
-Equipped with powerful system for speedy flight and long endurance
-Equipped with LED lights (two green in front and two red in the rear), suitable to night flight
Combo details:
-1*TR250 CF Frame
-4*2204 KV2300 Motor
-4*Hobbywing 15A ESC
-2*Pair 5045 Propeller
-1*CC3D Flight Controller
-1*6CH Receiver
-1*B3 AC Charger
-1* 3S 1300mah lipo battery

Product link:

TR250 FPV Racing Quadcopter Combo-PNP (8 min 6 sec)

Posted by glassfox | Sep 18, 2015 @ 05:04 AM | 5,640 Views
X-CAM A22-3H 3-Axis gimbal is especially designed for Sony NEX5/7 A5000/6000 and BMPCC.

-Full Servo Control System
-Close-cycle Controlling
-5800Hz High Sampling Frequency
-Built-in HDMI to AV Module
-Built-in Infrared Localizer
-Built-in IMU Module

-Weight: 800g
-DC: 11.1-22.2V(3S-6S Lipo)
-Roll: +-45
-Pitch: +-90
-Yaw: 360 unlimited

Supported Cameras :
-Sony Nex7
-Sony A5000
-Sony A6000
-Sony Nex5
-BlackMagic BMPCC

X-CAM A22-3H 3-Axis Gimbal (6 min 3 sec)

Posted by glassfox | Sep 18, 2015 @ 05:03 AM | 4,604 Views
Hi All,
Foxtech K130 got improved.
Firstly, it is cable of more heavier lifting capacity. With the new X5020 KV380 motors, the max take-off weight is increased to 22 KG.
Secondly, it is used high quality Foxtech Multi-Pal 85A ESC to have cooler working temperature.
Finally, improved higher strength landing gear with wider stance, which offers sufficient space for big gimbals and professional cameras.

Foxtech K130 Pro Octocopter (17 min 27 sec)

Posted by glassfox | Sep 18, 2015 @ 05:02 AM | 5,080 Views
The Swift TR260 FPV Racing Quadcopter mainly features in the dynamic rotor tilting, which can offer instant high speed without the copter/camera tilting. With this creative feature, we almost got 97km/h flight speed with a 3s lipo battery, and probably it will get more faster with 4S.

Swift TR260 Tilt Rotor Quadcopter Introduction (7 min 31 sec)

Posted by glassfox | Sep 01, 2015 @ 05:21 AM | 4,694 Views
A4-1 is the latest product developed by Foxtech as a crop sprayer.

Wheel Base: 1200mm
Drone Weight: 6.9KG (no battery)
Container Volume: 10L
Single Operation time: 15mins
Spray Volume: 800-1400ml/min
Sprinkling Width: 3m
Spray Coverage: 14-25 acres/hour

Foxtech A4-1 Crop Sprayer Quadcopter (3 min 12 sec)

Posted by glassfox | Aug 31, 2015 @ 04:36 AM | 4,135 Views
Foxtech is a globally active professional company specialized in UAV manufacturing.
Based on our incessant commitment and efforts to high-level research and development, we are capable of providing complete UAV solutions for individuals and corporations. We ensure our customers enjoying the high-quality products with reasonable prices. Our key goal is to bring people the most advanced UAV products with the highest customer satisfaction.
FoxtechFPV, your best one-stop UAV supplier!

Foxtech Company Introduction (3 min 52 sec)

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Foxtech Devourer V2 Heavy Lift X8 copter Introduction (6 min 28 sec)

will be available soon on
Posted by glassfox | Jun 05, 2015 @ 04:58 AM | 3,317 Views
The Supreme 2880 Pro Prop is the upgraded version of 2880, which has higher strength, lower vibration and better antitorque. With its core filled with light but strong compound materials, this new arrival is very light, only 82g. Its excellent air dynamic design makes great improved efficiency. It matches perfectly with Foxtech 8108 motor series and T-motor U8 series.

Foxtech Supreme 2880 PRO (7 min 28 sec)

Posted by glassfox | Jun 04, 2015 @ 05:08 AM | 3,706 Views
Foxtech Kraken150 just had its maiden flight equipped with DJI A2 flight controller, pretty good so far.
Foxtech K150 is especially desinged as a crop sprayer; it will be another workhorse in agriculture.
Basic setup: Foxtech K150+ T-motor U8 pro kv135+24" wooden prop+ 80A ESC+12s battery pack.

Foxtech K150 Maiden Flight Test (2 min 28 sec)

Posted by glassfox | May 15, 2015 @ 03:19 AM | 8,290 Views
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