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Posted by Sayers1 | Dec 16, 2008 @ 04:06 PM | 2,371 Views
Hello all.
Well I am a 75 year young kid.Who has always been interested in Radio Control Air Planes. Got into it a long time ago for a short time , Glow plug models , built one it would not fly, would not even attempt to take off , this is where we learned a little bit about "Center Of Gravity"
Plane was nose heavy BIG TIME. Got that corrected , well it took off all right , yep you guessed it , up over on one wing & became a pile of balsa on the ground . Think I rebuilt it once , after the second time I said that's all & sold all the stuff I had bought. This was way back in about 1964.

Fast foward to Jan.2008.
Browsing E-bay came upon a add for a "Wilga 2000 " Land & Float plane. Add read "Easy to fly , Electric Powered Foam Construction " The bug jumped up & bit me again Just could not live with out one SO purchased it.
Then I found the "RC/Group Forum" got to reading & joined , Posted a question What did members think of my "Wilga 2000" as a first time plane for a complete newbie. They told me ha ha , Had never heard of it but by it's spec's did NOT think MUCH OF IT ha ha .
Recomended the Hobby Zone Super Cub .
Well thought about it & continued to read in the huge thread devoted to the Super Cub , well thought this many people can't be all wrong , so bought one , ( Never tried to fly "Wilga 2000" ) They were not wrong. I found a club in the small town I live out side of in IOWA &...Continue Reading