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Posted by frac | Dec 07, 2009 @ 07:57 AM | 9,670 Views
more than likely, to get the best results we will eventually have to wind our own motors.

DIY brushless motor resources: -> excellent prices and cs on hi temp 1/4 lb magnet wire spools -> kits, parts,lots of info -> kits, parts, info ->building high-torque brushless e-motors ->building instructions -> info, calculators info, construction -> lrk only -> materials supplier database -> info, motor winding chart

let's discuss our options here

the tails originally used this motor:

fac's current favorite, used in the DDVPv3 is this motor:

telemachus is using a CC25 in governor mode, this is the ideal solution. expensive.

i am using this:

sonicj is using a dynam that he hasn't really described yet.

the tails originally sent out used the so called "blues(ilver) wonder" motor, but this motor is not now considered entirely adequate for our purposes. while it will handle scale flight, 3D will require something better.
Posted by frac | Dec 02, 2009 @ 05:10 AM | 49,301 Views
alright. lets get to work.

edit: a sort of update for this is here:

edit: UPDATE: a lighter plastic V2 ddvp is described using the HK450 V1 plastic tail box HERE, and in posts #1340 through #1342 below, parts list in post #1350

7 testers and myself are in the air, There are not any more test units available from me, however, i will set up and execute group buys for components at cost.

the second version of the DDVP has been constructed and flown.
altho i am not sending out test units, Version 2 is also trivially constructed, requiring no special tools or skills.



DDVPV2 with other motors

the DDVPV2 arrangement is appropriate for several motors, including the C2226, the C20Pro, and the AX-1806C, as seen above.

currently my favorite is the Turnigy C2226 .

edit: use modified blind nuts available from HC that sit inside the motor case. use loctite on the bolt thru the tail plates and spacers

see photo instructions here and here

These are not for sale, i am NOT developing a product, just trying to get people to consider another possibility for the 450 tail, and ultimately to make it better. and it is already very very good.

You do NOT have to structurally modify your heli in any can return your heli to it's original tail system easily at any time.

THE BASIC UNIT: the tail case, motor, motor mount installed in the tail case, and one mounted erod shaft.
this is it: https://www....Continue Reading