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Posted by 1st timer | Aug 16, 2011 @ 02:58 AM | 4,870 Views
RIP 14/7/12 Me being to smart for myself..Knife edges to low Hi all, here's my latest addition the MX2,it's by DolphinCo which is located in Perth.This model is a 20% which has a wingspan of 57".
It can be fitted with either a nitro or eletric motor...I went with the electric version.The engine box for the EP version is supplied so it's pretty easy to set up.

The build was realitivly easy except for the setting up of the elevator,which is critical if you want your plane to fly well.It took me over an hour before I was happy with the fit and then I was still eyeing it off (while it dryed)thinking it was still not quite perfect....but my wife assured me that "it'll be fine"(her expert opinion)and if I continue staring at that thing for to much longer it's gunna make me crosseyed forever,so I just had to leave it alone for a while and trust that I did it right(which I did).
My Set up is,
Ali -Hitec Hs5485hb Digital
Ele -Hitec Hs605mg Analouge
Rudd -Spektrum/JR Ds821 Digital

Motor -HDPower 5055/6 720kv
Esc -Hacker 70amp with separte Bec(as always)
Prop -Apc 15x8
Battery-5s 4000mah 30c...Continue Reading