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Archive for June, 2012
Posted by FLOEY | Jun 07, 2012 @ 01:09 AM | 7,254 Views
Long time since I updated my blog. Mostly flown RTF planes no time for own

Since the Kyosho EDF's are discontinued products, modifications
may have a limited interest therefore I decided to do a blog entries
instead of a new threads in Foamy EDF's.

Link to my Kyosho A-6 Intruder thread

After I successfully had modified the A-6 I found a cheap Kyosho F-4 with
a similar split duct. After some testing I found that the split ducting in the F-4 was not realy a big problem as it was in the A-6.

Link to old F-4 threads

Main problem with the F-4 is the CG. To get a perfect CG servos has to be moved see photo.

Also the fuselage is not realy well built see mod of reinfocement/inlet ducting.

All up weight with 1000mah 3S 35C LiPo about 415g. Thrust with non stock
Haoye 55x42 fan 420g