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Posted by FLOEY | Jul 03, 2009 @ 03:19 PM | 16,263 Views
I finaly convinced my self to publish first version of
my design Depron 'DH-2' in scale 1:12

Wingspan: 720mm ~28"
Weight: 225-250g 8-10oz
Wing area: 1570 sq.cm
Motor: 70-80W (25g)
Battery: 3S450Mah 20C (45g)
Servos: Rudder, Elevator, 5g (HXT500)
Aileron 9g (HXT900 or better)
Reciever: 4ch (10g)

It has it's vices it's not a very energy efficient pusher
yet but it's a funny and tough little plane built for
rough flying. Bushes be warned

Practical: Be sure You get the line of thrust correct it should
be paralell to the wings, no side or down thrust.
CG middle of wing or more forward. Safe start 1/3 from
leading edge. Land with thrust this is NO glider!