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Posted by FLOEY | Jun 21, 2009 @ 05:01 AM | 13,494 Views
Made a 3D model of my Depron Airco DH-2 in scale 1:12

The plane is built and test flown. CG 40mm from
front edge of wings.

Hopefully somebody may find this useful even if
it's not a exact scale. In my view it may prove
to be a useful aileron biplan trainer with almost 3D
capabilites. Used 5g servos on elevator and rudder,
one 9g on the ailerons.

I may provide a drawing later need some more time
to do it "complete"

Note: The 3D model is in ACIS format (.SAT extension)
there are free viewers for this available.
Posted by FLOEY | Jun 08, 2009 @ 04:33 PM | 11,489 Views
Should have published several designs but time and patience
has not been there ... I'm recently working on a micro Airco DH2
but it's still too heavy.

I've put the micro DH-2 on hold an scaled it up to 1:12 with
a 724mm (~28.5) wing span. I've built it as strong and with
cheap materials as possible. No carbon, no paint, cheapest
possible lightweight brushless, cheap LiPo. Why? I hope it will
become a rugged and very useful trainer for some kid's in
the summer vacation.

Hopefully I may fly it's maiden this evening.

Update 2:

Yes it flew ! or more correctly it hoovered into the air!
Funniest plane I've ever flown. Slow ... I could almost walk
alongside! I just taped a LiPo on the front fuselage so I got
to make a battery bay tonight ...