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Posted by FLOEY | Dec 09, 2008 @ 03:53 PM | 12,386 Views
Finaly got the drawings ready. I did not provide
a drawing where to locate servos and stuff since
that is more up to what You got available.

The plane is made of 3mm Depron or Kapron
about a half sheet approx 600x850mm
2 Carbon strips 3x0.5mm L=600-700mm

1 Piano wire 1.5 or 2.0mm L=600-700mm
2 wheels with dia 50mm

This plane is REALY a slow flier! You may increase
the aileron sizes to get faster / better roll.

Hope somebody may find it useful ...

Some Updates:
Tested it with a APC 7x5E prop today it worked but it
was too cold and too late (too dark) to do much flying.

I may build another one to investigate where CG should be
this weekend.

I will get a new light weight motor 19g, servos 3.7g and a
2S 460mah 28g battery soon. So I hope to make one hopefully
slightly lighter with a 8x4SF prop.

May be I should not write this but ...
This plane realy surprises me with how well it performs and
I'm pretty sure it's not my "experience" as a model plane
designer who did it. The original layout and design must
have been excelent, even if it was outdated already at
the drawing table back in the mid 30's.
Posted by FLOEY | Dec 06, 2008 @ 09:07 AM | 11,252 Views
Made my Gloster Gladiator ready for first flight 14 days ago.

First flight went pretty well on a stadium with flow lights in
a temperature below zero (Celsius). Landing gear snapped off
of course ... bad workmanship (me).

Later I flew a second flight without the landing gear on a
grass field. In the part dakness I hit a fence and broke the
front fuselage (crashing a Depron plane on tarmac road is
not recomended)

Repaired and reinforced the front fuselage and had some
realy pleasant flights today. The plane is a bit nose heavy
but for me that's fine. I was afraid it would be the oposite.

It's now 200g as I was afraid of but to my surprise it's
flying like a dream. Slow flights no problem I'm using a
Brushless: Nippy N29 Silver - 7A172 approx 24g
Prop: GWS 7035 (7 x 3.5)
LiPo: Hyperion LCL 3S 26C Pack - 350mah weight 37g
LiPo: Hextronik 460mah weight 42g
ESC: Some 12A weight 10g
Servos: 4 off 4.7g
RX: Wfly 6ch 10g

The roll rate is low since it has scale size ailerons.
A drawing will be published as soon as I got the
reinforcements updated and outfitting sketched in.