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Posted by FLOEY | Nov 19, 2008 @ 01:41 PM | 11,603 Views
Here is the result of my effort trying to build my own "design"

Had to add some stiffeners to the tail fuselage. I will add them to the
3D modell see below and later the drawing. Weight about 50g so far
had calculated it to be approx 40g for the depron so only 10g added
in carbon, tape and glue. Wingspan 700mm (27.5"). I hope to keep
the weight down under 200g. Ideal 150g but with a piano wire landing
gear and it will most likely become closer to 200g.
Posted by FLOEY | Nov 15, 2008 @ 02:02 PM | 11,808 Views
Many years ago I built a scale Gloster Gladiator in balsa from some
a free flight drawings. Tried to convert it to control line with a 2.5qcm
Fox glow engine but failed, it never flew. I gave up balsa and glow
engines far too much mess, smell and noise. Some years ago I found
the drawing during a clean up and thought I will never ever build that
again so trew it in the bin.

Now after discovering brushless motors and LiPo's I regreted
that I threw away that drawing But there is still hope maybe
I'm able to design one from the ground up at least I've made
a Depron profile version to start with.

If You got a ACIS .sat file viewer You might take a look at my
current version.
Posted by FLOEY | Nov 11, 2008 @ 02:26 PM | 11,459 Views
As usual modifications ...

1st Prototype
Wingspan is now 650mm, midwing Ailerons removed. 4 off 9g servos
replaced by 2 off 5g Hextronik (rudder and elevator) and one 9g
E-sky Servo for ailerons. Weight with APC8x3.8SF and LEDs 263g.

2nd Prototype
Same wingspan but with smaller ailerons 35mm and wing cord
100mm. Servos 4 off 4.7g. with APC8x3.8SF weight 250g

Hextronic motor 26g 1500kV, E-max ESC 18A, Hextronik LiPo 460mAh 20C
or Hyperion 350mAh 26C.

Remote Control: WFLY 6ch RX 10g

Added 4 LED's this evening. First a bright white and blue, no good
to bright! Second attempt: One green and one red on the upper
wing and 2 yellow on the tailfin. Second night flight BIG !