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Posted by FLOEY | Oct 04, 2008 @ 01:09 PM | 11,393 Views
Wasn't happy with my little Toth design (after a while)
or big Tiger Moth copy. I then developed a scaled up
Toth or scaled down Moth with wingspan 700mm.
This new design TM700 with the brushless motor and Lipo
from the Toth this is pretty successful (it's still flying).

But still it's a bit fast and with a medium wingload (~15g/dm2).
To make a durable plane with low wingload 10g/dm I decided to
go for a Triplane design. I based the design up on my now well
proven TM700 but reduced wingspan to 650 thereby the new
name TM650 the T3 ... Triplane design 3 somehting.

After first flight and some adjustments it's flying pretty
well as a slowflier. Because of the third wing it has a lot
of drag and needs power but still it a real slow flyer in my
view so I have provided both a PDF plot and a DXF drawing
available for others.