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Posted by FLOEY | Aug 27, 2008 @ 01:29 PM | 12,336 Views
One of my cheap Tower Pro Brushless motors had nasty sound when
propeller shaft was rotated. Broken / worn out ball bearings most likely.

So I removed the ball bearings or at least the most of them. The forward
one still got some of the bearings housing pressed into the aluminium stator core.

I decided to try to repair the motor by adding a carbon bushing instead
of new ball bearings who would cost more than the motor was worth.
I used a piece of 5mm dia carbon tube drilled/grinded up to approx
3mm inside (must be drill / grinded by hand to get a tight fit around
propeller shaft)

After that the steel shaft was rotating freely in the bushing it was
glued in the aluminium stator core (remember to degrease before

The test runs so far has shown that the alu. core is getting a bit hot
but there is no bad sounds or any detectable wear so far.

See sketch below
Posted by FLOEY | Aug 13, 2008 @ 04:17 PM | 12,061 Views
The Tiger Moth copy provided me with enough experience I thought to
make my own design (copy and scale down at first) but later I
decided to scale up and change the wings after some weight
wing load calculations.

Made upper and lower wing equal to simplify building and
spare parts. Wing load i about 0.19g/cm2, the motor
may prowide approx 60-80w. More than enought to keep
this bird flying.

Omitted landing gear to save weight. Weight is now at 215g.

It flies like a rocket hoovering no problem BUT it's maybe not
the small slow flyer I was looking for it's rather fast and
Posted by FLOEY | Aug 13, 2008 @ 04:06 PM | 12,171 Views
Flying the E-sky Nemo was good fun I wanted to try a true slow flyer.
Bought a GWS 3D Tiger Moth kit but I got dissapointed with the way
it was designed. So I made a modified scratch built copy instead.
It flew but not very good I had obviously made some mistakes so
I made a new one from the ground up on a weekend.

It flew very well after some motor adjustments.
Posted by FLOEY | Aug 13, 2008 @ 03:57 PM | 13,190 Views
After flying Silverlit I moved on to a 4ch E-sky Nemo. The Nemo
was the right plane for me. The fuselage and wing is practically
unbreakable. Propeller, motor (gearbox) landing gear and tail
rudder and elevator had to be repaired a lot but apart from that
I've flown it for months. I'm planning to convert it to a seaplane.
Have built a new wing for it with better ailerons wich improved it's
rolling significantly.