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Posted by FLOEY | Dec 31, 2007 @ 04:15 AM | 5,103 Views
Increased flight time by replacing the original Li-Po Fullriver 130mah on a Silverlit X-Twin trainer to approx 30min. Used 3 x 130mah Li-Po cells wired in parallel.

The 2 extra Li-Po cells are taped below the upper wing one on each side approx 10mm aft edge-edge. The wires are taped externally to internal battery. The front dummy propeller is removed to save weight.

I'm using a Thunder Power TP-425 as charger. I've not tried the original Silverlit charger in the transmitter on this new power pack.

The plane flies very well now in my view. If You try this modification remember
to try to balance / adjust tail to suit the new additional load.

Hope this may help others to have a fly until You drop experience