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Posted by jl449 | Sep 21, 2014 @ 01:59 PM | 1,983 Views
Motion RC Freewing F-35 70mm

Replaced stock motor with L2855 2800kv motor.
Took it up and at about the 2 minute mark the motor stopped. Once again glider down on the grass. Motor is toast. Prior to the flight I measured the current on the L2855 -- I was getting about 72A. Motor is rated 630W and I was above 1100w.
Waiting for EDF to restock the 14B/cyclone 2800kv motor combo.
  1. CS 10B with stock housing
  2. 80A HK ESC
  3. Stock motor
  4. Nano 4000ma 4s Bat.
Maiden flight... Could not get her off the runway. Following mods were done.
  1. Cut down on the back landing gear
  2. Adjusted elevator
  3. removed weight on nose
2nd flight... She took off with no issues. 2 minutes into the flight a puff of black smoke came out of the exhaust. glider it down on grass.. damage front end and left wing. Motor is toast.
Posted by jl449 | Jan 30, 2014 @ 12:21 AM | 3,067 Views
Banana Hobby Blitzrcworks F-16 70MM

Upgrades will inlcude the following as of 3/27/13
1. CS10 EDF fan
2. Motor to be determine
3. Intake tube
4. HK retracts
5. HTX900 servos all way around.
6. ESC to be determine

Update 1/29/14:
Been a long delay but finally the F-16 is on the work bench.
Updated parts
1. Swatace Intake tube
2. CS10 EDF w/Turnigy L2855 2300
3. Servoless retracts - PZ15090 with HK F-16 struts
4. HTX900 servos
5. HobbyKing 80A ESC
6. Zippy 4000mah 45c 5s

Just completed assembling the rear retracts.
Started to sand down the foam to make the intake tube fit.

Coating the body with miniwax satin finish to give it a little bit of protection...

Finally got the landing gear installed. Also installed the CS10 fan. Swap out the 2300 motor to 2800.
Installed the ESC and cut out a piece of the intake to provide cooling for the ESC
Installed steering servo.


Main components all together now. TV operational and DX8 programmed.
Still need:
1. Retracts doors
2. Main wings ailerons glued in place. Using elevron.
3. Battery and CG....Continue Reading
Posted by jl449 | May 14, 2008 @ 04:47 PM | 3,102 Views
9/18/14New edf. Freewing stinger 64 4s version from RCmotion

New order 1/29/14: Freewing F35 70mm from Motion RC.

New project 3/27/13: Banana Hobby Blitzrcworks F-16 70MM

Helis are:

HBFP w/fiber frame
Blade 400 w/ 65s and 401
Exceed 450 v1
CopterX 450 Pro V4 FBL TT


Parkzone p-51 micro
Eflite warhawk p40 300
UMX Beast
UMX Mig15
Blitzrcwork F-22 50mm standard setup
Blitzrcworks F-22 50mm (2nd) with Hobbyking alloy EDF 5 blade fan running on 4s.
Dynam devil 3d