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Posted by HilliHeli | Apr 08, 2010 @ 08:04 PM | 3,226 Views
OK, I'm way-behind on getting My Blog/Gallery going here on RCG, bear with me or, checkout My Galleries over on RR & HF to see What's Cookin' these days (Hint); New Henseleit RIGID (TDR) Build-pic's UPDATE; TDR Now Finished !! (Check the bottom of the page for the NEW Insane Canopy TDR907 pic.'s) A couple of 10S Powered Monster's; (Joker V1 recently sold to Hoverup) L6003D vbar still Kickin' azz, A Killer Custom Heli Parts vbar T-Rex 500CF (Now sold), A 5000 rpm Scorpion/Mini-Jazz powered T-Rex 250CF and Some Awesome Micro's with Lotsa' Upgrades )...Continue Reading