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Servos: 4X Towerpro MG92B Robot 13.8g 3.5KG Torque Metal Gear Digital Servo

Motor: RC Tiger T-Motor AT 2814/8 KV=1000
Prop: APCe 12 x 6

TRIMMING TIPS (credit: https://www.rcgroups.com/forums/show...postcount=1076)

1. 45 degree inverted upline test - establish a 45 degree upline at half to 3/4 throttle, roll the plane inverted and release the sticks. If the plane continues on the upline without leveling off it is tail-heavy, if it returns to straight and level it is close to neutral, and if it goes into a dive it is nose heavy.
2. Basic inverted test - Establish straight and level flight at 3/4 to full throttle and roll the plane inverted. If it maintains straight and level flight it is neutral, if it dives it is nose heavy, and if it climbs it is tail-heavy.
3. Power-off downline test - establish downline and cut power. If it tucks towards gear it is tail-heavy, if it pulls towards the canopy it is nose-heavy, and if it continues straight down it is neutral.

EDIT: KE balance:
1. If the plane tucks to the gear in knife edge flight then it is tail heavy.
The reason is: Down elevator to offset the tail heavy condition results in a pitch to the gear when flying in knife edge.
2. If the plane tucks to the canopy in knife edge flight then it is nose heavy.
The reason is: Up elevator to offset the nose heavy condition results in a pitch to the canopy in knife edge flight.

I do all three tests because sometimes one test can give you a "false-positive" (especially if CG is way off) so the tests act to confirm each other.
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Just the way I like it. Nasty nice!!

3s on Crack Laser (3 min 34 sec)

3s 460 nanos
GWS 8x4 DD
HXT servos
2024 CS motor
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Skywing 38" Edge 540 Maiden (4 min 40 sec)

850 3s nanotech
TowerPro servos
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32" Crack MXS-C Maiden (5 min 39 sec)

Motors / Servos to try:

For the light 32" Cracks i use Sunny Sky 2204-1900 (19 g) + GWS8043 SF on 2S.
For rudder and elevator Esky ES-9051, for ailerons ES-08DE. AUW is less then 160 g.
Sunny Sky 2206-1500 (26 g) or 1900 +GWS8040. And all servos are ES-08DE. AUW is 170-220 g

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Just motor mounting, linkages and good to go. Going white, with black decals this time around... and here's a shot of the garage now summer holidays are here... next week looks windless...electricity bill will be higher
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Very straightforward build, much quicker than the Crack Yak I found.
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Dji Phantom 2 Compass Calibration Procedure (4 min 57 sec)

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If I add manual mode to the right switch, it will remove fail safe. Is switching off the tx the only way to activate fail safe with this configuration? I want atti and gps retained on the right switch

IMHO, if you have Home Lock available on S2, then there is no need for Fail Safe. just flip into Home Lock and pull down the right handle and she will fly back while still completely under control.

Working on the two previous comments regarding using either HL (GPS functionality required) or CL (no GPS required) for an alternative to failsafe switch.

Can I ask if switching to CL (which I understand works without requiring GPS) disables GPS function while activated? Or does GPS functionality still remain 'on'? I'm working on the assumption that one could use this, as previously posted, in a potential flyaway/GPS glitch situation?That would then leave HL to be used as a 'regular' failsafe mechanism when GPS is experiencing no issues, but you are simply wanting to bring the craft home safely, say when out of visual range.
Any thoughts on that policy? I am thinking of removing the FS function on the right switch, and adding manual mode instead.

CL uses GPS to maintain position if it is available, but iirc you can switch to ATTI and CL and it will still work and drift in the wind. If you lose GPS lock in...Continue Reading
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The prefabrication of the model is a dream, as finishing time is so short. Parts are well formed, and it actually looks quite decent. Did carbonize both upper and lower wings, and reinforced gear section using short carbon rods and expoy . Running 850 3s.

Decals are delicate, and prone to chip, or tear if you get any glue near the surface. Motor/battery bay is large, and RX servo bay is good size also. Servos appear to be a little slower than something like the Stuntmaster from multiplex, but time will tell. I used uhu por on the entire build, and must say the part alignment left little to do when measuring wing to tail alignment for example. Nice going there Durafly. I wonder if they may venture into more 3d/aerobatic models, as the plug and play ease is a nice change from building when time is short.

After the maiden, My initial impressions was that it files more like small balsa models I've flown, quite slippery and quick to react, and you need to keep on your toes if you are going to go low, even at full rates. One flight isn't enough however, and it may actually be flying too light on 850's, and may perform better on 1300, which I think is seen in the M. Wargo video of this model.

Three or more flights today, and I have to say that it is a pretty decent airframe!!
Small video of flight characteristics from flight 6 or so. Wind from behind. Gives some idea of flight envelope etc.
Durafly Hobbyking Hyperbipe (4 min 6 sec)

I think it could actually be...Continue Reading
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Finally some time to fly, so time to maiden the HyperBipe. Reinforced as per thread suggestions. Taking other foam friends for the trip...
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Squeezed in a maiden, and another 3 flights inbetween the rain today. In my opinion, Multiplex have produced a superb flying model here. Felt right at home as soon as it left my hand, which is not always the case with every 3d model I've flown. KE is precise and very predictable, and I don't recall any coupling issues whatsoever. Snaps, waterfalls are very nice, tight and nice to behold. Hover is decent on the small motor, and vertical is totally possible. The blender to flatspin is amongst the very best I've seen in foam models this size. Very tight and fast at the end if you want it to be. It is a born rolling machine, and rollers both ways are very predictable and doable. Rolling loops are very natural to this plane, as are nice turnarounds, inverted and low, slow flying. It is probably a little more slippery than EPP models, and that makes things like the blender to flat spin fast and snappy.

The RR version is a real treat, so quick and simple to install. Just watch the clevis pins, which are quite bendy, but totally hold up under fire.

Go out and buy one foam 3d lovers! I'd definitely replace with another if needed in the future. BTW: both flights were on tired old 3s 450's. Have some fresh lipo juice on the way. Flew on max rates, with both 60% expo on everything, and max rates with 25-30%. 60% rates make it possible to fly 3d plus some slower pattern type moves, but I enjoyed the agility of lower rates mostly.

Multiplex Stuntmaster Maiden (4 min 5 sec)

Here's flight 4, with just a little more flying time under the belt

Multiplex Stuntmaster #4 Flight (3 min 39 sec)

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Learning turnarounds (1 min 16 sec)

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Crack Yak Standard
Crack Yak - still my favourite foamie! (3 min 52 sec)

Latest Vampire settings 2014
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Warning. This video contains copious amounts of eye-candy ground shots, and just a little in flight video. Specked out quick on wide view hat cam, so resorted to drooling over how great this plane looks..lol...song choice is also highly appropriate for us guys who have it bad for planes...lol... don't take me too seriously. I certainly don't. BTW: obscene wind for a maiden, but loved every minute flying this 3d monster. Can't wait for a still day to actually trim her up! Superb!! HS65mg, 85mg ele. Torque/Aiboss combo, APC 12x6, Revolectrix 2600 4s
Extreme Flight 48" Extra 300 EXP Maiden (4 min 1 sec)

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Finished the decals. One last elevator servo arm, then done!
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Bit of fun during some downtime... half way there
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Started on the build today.