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Posted by 7rider | Jun 27, 2011 @ 11:59 AM | 3,871 Views
Tried to maiden my Parkzone P47 last Saturday, but the prop flew off the plane right as the plane was lifting into the air. Fortunately, the plane landed in thick brush and there was no damage. The problem is that the APC 10x7 E prop I have has a prop hub which is slightly too thin for the stock collet prop adapter so that the spinner nut has nothing to push against to force the prop and collet down tight against the 5mm shaft of the E-Flite Power 25 motor. Before it has a chance to do this, the spinner nut hits the flush area of the collet and runs out of thread. To remedy this, all I needed to do was to purchase an 11 cent zinc 1/4" washer from Orchard Supply Hardware and put it behind the prop to lift the prop hub about 1/16". This was all the height that was needed so that there was thread left for the spinner nut to tighten the prop and the collet. I suspect the Parkzone 2 blade prop suggested for the P-47 has a thicker prop hub than the APC E prop hub.

Edit 8/22/2011. Upon closer examination, it appeared the the APC 10x7 E had been reamed a little wider than necessary which is why the washer was needed.