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Posted by 7rider | Dec 11, 2010 @ 04:45 PM | 3,759 Views
When I initially put on the wheel pants for my 3DHS SHP, I tightened the bolts and I heard a cracking sound, meaning I had cracked the epoxy and fiberglass structure of the wheel pants. I tried not to overtighten the bolts, but I wanted to make sure the wheel pants were on securely. I still kept the pants on, but on my first landing one of the pants cracked enough so that it became loose.

In order to remedy the situation, I applied Mr. Sticky`s Underwater Glue to the contact areas where the wheel pants meet the bolt and the landing gear. The reason I used this type of epoxy is because it's flexible. So not only does it reinforce and fix that area of the wheel pant where there's stress, it's flexibility also keeps it from cracking in the future.

On future 3DHS wheel pant installations, I'll always add the Mr. Sticky`s Underwater Glue to the wheel pants before my first flight.

It appears Devcon also has a competing product now called Devcon H2 Hold Underwater Wet Dry Epoxy.