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Posted by 7rider | Sep 16, 2009 @ 01:35 AM | 4,712 Views
My sister-in-law was about to donate my brother's XBox backpack to Goodwill since he never used it, and I told her it looked like the perfect size for my Spektrum receiver. I purchased the Spektrum case foam inserts from amainhobbies.com, and they fit perfectly in the backpack. In addition to the foam, there's also extra padding in the smaller zipper compartment to provide additional protection to the control area of the Spektrum DX7 with its many projections. Since it is a backpack instead of a carrying case, it will also make it easier to ride my bike to a flying field
Posted by 7rider | Sep 09, 2009 @ 12:38 PM | 3,531 Views
I purchased a Spektrum DX7 yesterday in order to replace my DX6i. Over the weekend, my Radian went down in the RSA foothills due to loss of signal from the DX6i. Fortunately, I recovered it with no damage since it fell in some deep brush. Too bad I walked through some dried up poison oak to retrieve the Radian. In the future, I need to bring long pants with me to RSA everytime I fly in case I need to do some off trail recovery. I should have done a range check with the DX6i at that point before I flew my Multiplex Gemini, but I didn't, and now my Gemini is toast. After a nice takeoff, it went straight down after it was about 200 feet way. The whole front end is buckled and potentially fixable, but it's probably better for me just to buy a replacement. I performed range checks with the DX6i with its original and a replacement antenna, and I was getting minimum range so I was basically flying without a transmitter antenna. I did some checking over the web, and it appears that people are having less issues with the DX7 than the DX6i, so I'm going to go with the DX7 for a replacement transmitter. I'm getting the Heli model since I recently purchased a used Lighthawk DLG, and the three position flap switch is on the left, which is preferred for a righthand thrower.