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Posted by 7rider | Aug 10, 2009 @ 11:05 PM | 3,582 Views
Went to fly the Parkzone Radian on a breezy afternoon at Rancho San Antonio with the kids. The wind was high enough to move the Radian around the ground while I turned on the transmitter. Fortunately, I launched the Radian off the drop-off at the edge of the field since it dived down a bit before I increased the throttle and the Radian went up into the air. Iíll have to give the plane more throttle with my next launch. A did a spiral dive with the Radian by pushing the right stick to the lower right corner. I gave E the controls, and told him to only move the right stick and leave the throttle off. I noticed the Radian started to dive at a high rate of speed since he decided to increase throttle and put down elevator on the controls. With the wings flexing up and down, I took the controls from him, cut the throttle, and slowly pulled the Radian up. Another 100 feet and the Radian would have hit the ground and broken up into a lot of pieces. Iím glad I had magnets in the wings so they wouldnít separate under stress. I had a really good landing this time by bringing it down under some power and then cutting throttle with the Radian about 3 feet above the ground. With the headwind, the Radian quietly drifted to the ground.
Posted by 7rider | Aug 04, 2009 @ 12:07 AM | 3,927 Views
Cox EP380 with BP 2212-13 motor. I had to add 1.5 oz to the nose to get correct CG. This plane really glides a long way when you deadstick in. I overshot the baseball infield I usually land in during my maiden. I'll have to fly it at RSA next time which has a longer field.