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Posted by 2500GENE | Mar 21, 2010 @ 07:23 PM | 23,214 Views
SC LP build from parts. post 1
Building a Super Cub LP from parts.

The goal here is to build a Super Cub (SC) with the stock motor but better electronics then are provided by HobbyZone. A lot of guys buy a new SC and after flying a while notice they are having problems with
the 27Mhz stock radio. It either falls apart or gets interfered with by some outside source causing lack of control and eventually a crash. This build we will use a Spectrum DX5E 2.4GhZ with a either a ar6110e or ar500 RX. Either will work with the DX6i also. The end result will be a stock powered SC with a good radio system running on a 3 cell lipo that will be easily upgradable to a brushless power system without having to replace out all of the HZ electronics. Adding ailerons as your skills improve will also be simpler to accomplish. Adding a small camera for AV or AP (video/photography) is also an option you may want to
peruse as you upgrade. No need to buy a whole new plane as you grow in this hobby as the SC can grow with you, but you need to start out right so you don't wast money on parts you will never use again.
You can start hording the grocery money a little at a time, week by week, and get all the parts one at a time before the wife even notices.

Below is a list of the air frame parts you will need. Go to your local hobby shop for these as most are stocked there. You can order them online but this way saves on shipping. If they are not in stock, most will order them
in for you.

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Posted by 2500GENE | Mar 13, 2009 @ 11:34 PM | 6,040 Views
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