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Posted by la528it | May 31, 2010 @ 08:02 PM | 9,630 Views
Howdy! I put together a mini fireworks for a friend. It took me down some strange paths...

This was his first, and I wanted it to be bullet proof. I made my own tails of contest balsa and carbon fleece followed by FG. I also wanted the horiz stab mount to be stronger than the balsa one provided in the kit. WHAT A NIGHTMARE!

My idea was to copy another friend who made me one from a carbon servo cover. So I tried to copy it myself... Started with hydro-cal... this powder turns to stone in a few hours. But then, you need something to tuck the carbon into the mold, so I called up TAP plastic: they have an AWESOME new silicone, which is as expensive as it is awesome. Platinum silicone does not require anything special other than you carefully reading the instructions and not letting it touch any inhibitors (like pigment as I later found out )

Well, you can;t build a mold, a latex plug and not get a release agent. Tap was out of partall, so I ordered some of this meguires. Not so great, as the PVA would form droplets atop it, I am probably doing something wrong, but it only caused problems with one mold to date (a naca duct, pics later).

For pva, I don;t own a compressor but found this prevall spray mechanism pretty dandy at under $6.

More toys: I had a dificult time with the minifireworks steel cable. An AWESOME upgrade is beadalon 49 strand nylon coated stainless steel wire. It has 26# break strength, no stretch, and lighter than the factory stuff. Only problem...Continue Reading