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Posted by la528it | Mar 08, 2010 @ 02:06 AM | 9,390 Views
Been trying all sorts of tail designs for my mini fireworks. Lately I selltled on the following design:

Two separate sheets of depron 1-2mm. Cut each to size, and sand as per instructions. Since the sheets are separated, you never over sand.

Now, spread tow between the halves, and make you you hit it with your roller and bounty before even thinking of sealing the two end together. When the time is right, maybe 5 minutes after you started, put soe foam safe ca on the half with tow on it, and lightly mist the other side with kicker. Once yo ujoin the two halved, you still have time to get it flush before the foam safe kicks in.

I then bagged it in 3.7ox carbon. Found a cheap source online. Only problem is that this set came out heavier that the last, but these are bulletproof.

Wil post pictures of carbon fleese design tomorow. Working on ways to laminte tail on,=... U have super thin carbon plate, used to decorate car interiors.... will post picw