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Posted by la528it | Sep 01, 2009 @ 12:07 AM | 10,271 Views
Posted by la528it | Aug 08, 2009 @ 09:40 PM | 10,985 Views
Last week I suffered two casualties: my hacker fai carbon motor melted, and due to some new programming, my bandit failed to power up upon launch.

Bandit is a 2kw hog, so when the spinner hit the runway, my heart sank. Thankfully the motor mount caved in, and the spinner only took a minor beating.


Plane 1: Bandit

New firewall made of c10 using the dbox method: cut out an overly large circle, put a hole in the center, run a rubber dremel drum through the hole, fire up the dremel, and grind away at the g10 against a file (make sure no one else is at home, it is LOUD). I think it came out pretty good, I used a motor mount that came with the motor (hyperion zs3025... WAY under-rated at 105 amps, I am pulling over 180, but may end up changing the three leads from the motor, as they are a tad to thin to handle this amperage), then I ground the cooling holes to match the inlets of the motor. Finally, I ca'd two steel washers around each mounting hole on the motor: this allows some of the air that comes from the turbo spinner to circulate around the motor (i.e. small gap between front of motor and motor mount).

Now, the spinner was snazy white rfm. It cracked when the bandit ate it. I primed it, and then sanded, and primed,.... painted red, then sanded, painted red,.... then, I applied krylon crystal glaze triple thick clear coat.... IT ATE ALL MY PAINT! Sanded the rfm pinner to the bare carbon, and then sprayed that with the clear coat... looks... awesome, no pictures this round, but I promise some to come.

Note: the glue used for the firewall is finishing resin mixed with carbon: the carbon is simply minced tow

Edit: Around the screws is neosporine works as well as vasoline to prevent epoxy from sticking!