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Posted by la528it | Jul 28, 2009 @ 02:58 AM | 11,561 Views
Folks, I have been testing props on a new hyperion zs3025. Most recent adventure was with rfm 14.5x14

Ok, 186amps on 3s. Sounds crazy, but temps are pretty good. I managed 14 climbs (:O:O:O) on a 3s 3300mah pack. Looking over the log, there was never a climb that lasted over 3 seconds (20/20 vision, just could not keep up with the plane).

Now, having said that the 35c hyperion packs was sustaining voltage. On the last climb, it sagged to 9.73volts... which concluded a pull of 1463mah out of the pack (a little too much, I know, I was having way too much fun). For those of you with a cellpro 10s... the Ir was measured at 1.7 1.7 1,8. For reference, the best I was able to pull from any other brand name back was over 3.2

The motor, pack and rdu have been a pure pleasure. This is WAY more power than I ever managed to get from an axi 2826-08, but I never dared 4s on the axi, and I never used hyperion packs on it either.... If you are looking at the 2826, take a peak at the 3025. You can sustain more reasonable amps on a 13x7 graupner folding prop (I think I was pulling under 90 amps). If you want crazy thrills, you could try 4s and say 13x7 graupner, or aeronaut 13x10.... good luck!

P.S. If I can figure out how to post the log I will...
Posted by la528it | Jul 12, 2009 @ 02:10 PM | 10,941 Views
I picked up a plane quiver the other day from saoring usa. I could not fit one of my wings in the standard 68" bag, so instead I picked up an 80" model.

This is a BIG bag, and I was a little concerned about transporting lighter, lighter gliders to the field: the bag had plenty of padding and is made of a terrific cloth... only problem is that it does weigh a bit much for the omega 1.8e to carry.

A very easy solution was to pick up some 4mm coroplast. The chords run lengthwise down the bag. I then reinforced 85 percent of it with an additional layer that runs the opposite direction. A little gorilla glue, and it was perfect.

The bag now supports itself, rather than relying on the strength of the planes to form the bag into shape.
Posted by la528it | Jul 12, 2009 @ 01:13 PM | 11,357 Views
So I went a little hog wild lately and picked up some awesome hyperion products. Some lipos, a motor and a logger.

For what it is worth, Hyperion recently changed the dimensions on their website for the lipos.... I both measured and weighed every single lipo... and all were within .3mm and 2g of the posted dimensions!!!!!!!!!

The only exception was a 5500mah 3s pack that has 10g wiring, Because it's 3s, it has a wire running front to back, and mine juts out, making the pack wider than necessary. This is for a supertight application, so I may end up running the wire atop the cells... tbd

The motor seems quite strong. It shines where my axi 2826-8 was lacking. Yes, the hyperion is slightly heavier, but it also has a higher kv. So far, on 13x7 it pulled about 1200w on a 3s 3300 35/65c pack. I still need to find a faster prop, as this one is spitting out too much thrust.

More on the IR of these packs versus other manufacturers and the rdu to come.......Continue Reading