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Posted by Mujiber | Sep 15, 2010 @ 01:42 AM | 3,117 Views
This is a list of the the planes that I've acquired/made in the past year.

1) Hobbico Red Hawk - Very first plane I built from parts and learned to fly with. Had to add to the control surface on the V-Tail. It responded too slowly, but is great now. This is the one I let my friends first try flying. It's easy to fix. AUW 14.1oz, 33" wingspan, original brushed motor, 2 x 2s 900mah lipo.
- fly it with a 3s now. Lots of power and very stable.

2) Parkzone J3 Cub - Bought the air frame used here, and put my electronics in it. Multiple crashes but a little tape wood, foam, glue and she keeps on going. I've replaced the wing with an extra Red Hawk wing that I have, and flies great. The original wing got dented and bent when it hit a pole. Anyone know how to straighten out a foam wing? AUW 14.7oz, 33" wingspan, 1400kv brushless, 2s 900mah lipo.

3) HZ Super Cub LP RTF- Not yet maidened

4) TW-748 F4U Corsair RTF- Not yet maidened

5) Pizza Box Plane - Designed and made from scratch. Made from one Large pizza box. Cut up the box, glued it together with some BBQ skewers, and made a nice trainer. AUW 14oz, 32.5" wingspan, 1480kv brushless, 2s 900mah lipo.

6) Cheap n Easy - Easy one day build. Thanks Rich for the design. Made from one sheet of foam board and glue.

7) Hawker Hurricane from Ken(dz1sfb)'s SEMFF WWII combat planes. Maidened, but didn't have enough power at first. Changed the motor out and now it's flying. Still feels a bit under powered though. Going to try to sand it down a bit to make it a bit more aerodynamic.
- got it flying ok, but lost sight of it in the sun and nosed it into the ground. On the repair table right now.