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Posted by Court461 | Apr 02, 2010 @ 10:23 AM | 4,099 Views
Haven't posted here in a while. Got rid of some of the planes I have and have a few new ones. Sold off the I3D and one of my Yak55's. Made a Homercart, then traded it. Made a sloyak 55, bought an AJ Slick 42", and traded locally for a E-Flite extra 260. Also bought a micro 4-site.
Posted by Court461 | Jul 02, 2009 @ 11:50 AM | 4,424 Views
I have always loved biplanes, so I decided to build the I3d. Plans and information found here

Very happy with this plane so far. Probably not the most powerful setup, but fine for my flying.

3mm, 6mm and 9mm foam from RCfoam
Carbon rods and flats from RCfoam
Blue Wonder 1300 kv motor
Supersimple 10a esc
HXT 9gr for Ailierons
HXT 5gr for Elevator and Rudder
AR6100 Rx
1600 mah zippy, 1000 mah flightmax

Got lazy with the paint job and used the same templates for my Yak55....Continue Reading
Posted by Court461 | Mar 18, 2009 @ 07:20 PM | 4,843 Views
Thanks to Leadfeather's thread and plans here
I decided to build a EPP Yak 55 with some leftover foam I had. Also thought I would try painting for the first time with some tips from Adrehar here

Turned out better than my expectations actually. Specs
BW 1300kv motor
HXT 9g aileron servo
HXT 5g rudder and elevator servo
Welder's hinges
Dubro control horns and micro connectors
Super simple hobby city 10a esc
Value hobby 500mah lipo 3 cell or
Rhino hobby city 460mah lipo 3...Continue Reading
Posted by Court461 | Jan 07, 2009 @ 08:54 AM | 11,474 Views
Started a new build, a slofly superslow 28. Got the plans from here
and used tallflyers build thread here

Printed the plans on a regular inkjet printer, taped them together then cut them out. Ordered some 9mm 1.3# EPP and 3mm carbon rods from (Really impressed by how fast shipping was from RCfoam). Also got some dubro hardware from them to save on shipping (control horns and rods). Ordered the rest of the gear from hobby city. Got a 1300kv blue wonder, hxt5000 servos, supersimple esc, and a cheap plastic motor mount. I copied tallflyers paint scheme (or sharpie scheme is more accurate) except I used blue instead of green (or will when I get to walmart to get a blue sharpie). Batteries used will be 500mah Geforce from valuehobby.

Update: I think she is ready to go. Got the shipment in from HK, got the motor and esc soldered up, and installed. Installed push rods and servos, and of course glued it all together. Looks messy now, but I want to fly it before I finalize where the esc and battery will go....Continue Reading
Posted by Court461 | Oct 09, 2008 @ 11:54 PM | 5,698 Views
Well, after listening to the All things that fly podcast, and the RCflightcast podcast, and them always talking about their superflys from superflyrc, I decided to get one. The only plane I have is an E-starter on floats that I fly on the lake at my house. I thought the superfly would be a good size to fly around the yard, and maybe take to work to fly outside at lunch. Last Friday I pulled the trigger on the superfly kit with brushless motor and castle thunderbird esc. I also went with the bluebird metal gear servos recommended by superfly. I had an extra AR6100E that needed to be used so this was going to be perfect for that. I received the kit in the mail on Thursday (I had an email from superfly Friday that my order would go out on Monday) so I was pretty happy with the shipping speed. Everything looked good out of the box, and I followed the manual as well as some videos that a guy named Dialed/Chuck on RCgroups did. After watching the videos the build was a snap. The only problem I had was getting my CG right using the 3cell Loong max batteries I had. Here are some pics of the build....Continue Reading