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Posted by muckie | Jan 05, 2008 @ 01:41 AM | 3,064 Views
This great 95% RTF arrived today.
The quality is amazing but unfortunately one of the airscoops on the cowl was damaged in the box. Hopefully Hobby People can resolve this easily.

This is my first ever build / assembly and I'm a little intimidated (just because I'm new to this), but VERY excited.

Although she's 95% ready to go, budgetary contraints mean that progress will be slow as the remaining components - radio, motor and power system - will have to be acquired gradually over the next few months.

The next thing for me to get is six servos so I can get the main assembly done.
After that, the radio. I'm planning to go for Spektrum's DX6i / AR6200 combo.

Next, motor, ESC and LiPo's. I'm going to rely on my LHS recommendation for this combo. It needs to be powerful though, this model's designed for a .60 2-stroke.
I'm going to have to lean on my LHS pretty heavily through out this and as I couldn't get the kit via them I want to make sure that it's worth their while.
They carry E-Flite and Electrifly, so it'll be good quality.

Well, let's see how it goes...