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Posted by DaOldGuy | Nov 02, 2008 @ 10:37 PM | 42,573 Views
Attention Infineon/I3D/Mini Infineon/Micro/Nano Owners
"MrFlash's" Infineon/I3D Owner Site ,
We would like to know, where are you and your Infi / I3D located at, as well as all the information about your project.

The Infineon has resently been one of the topics of the "All Things That Fly" podcast.


http://allthingsthatfly.com/ ATTF #79, listen to the cast from your browser.

If you are a new visitor, Welcome to one of the friendliest plane in the sky. All the info you will need is below.
Plans, build guide and original build thread....
Build Thread

Builders VIDEOS Post 10 <NEW> Post 14
NEW Builders Setups Post 11
NEW FAQ in Post 12

“Where are you and your Infineon / I3D located at?”

With the Pending publishing of "MrFlash's" I3D in the RCM&E Mag, we would like to know,

We are calling out all Infineon Builders/Owners to tell us where they all are. Anyone, Anywhere, EPP, Dupron, Foam Board, Fan Fold Foam, it doesn't matter.

Please reply to this thread with your location, picture<s> of your Infineon and a short list of specs. I...Continue Reading