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Posted by megatel | Jan 13, 2011 @ 05:55 AM | 2,628 Views
The Condor PRO is our favourite model. With high speed performance and off road capabilities you get the best of both worlds. The Condor PRO is the next generation of the standard Condor, upgraded with a two speed automatic gearbox, bigger engine and tough aluminium shock absorbers. It also comes fully loaded with racing ball bearings througout instead of the standard metal bearings found in most models.
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Acme Tech nitro radio controlled cars now come with high quality Team Infinity engines. Team Infinity engines are made in Japan and feature a simplified carb that makes them the easiest to start and most reliable engines on the market. Engines in nitro radio controlled cars usually have two or more tuning needles but these only have a single adjustment that makes them much easier to use without sacrificing any power.

1/10 Scale nitro powered car
4WD Shaft drive system
Fully ball raced system
Infinity 18 size pull start engine
Aluminium oil-filled shocks
Two speed automatic gear box
Front and rear bevel differentials
75CC Fuel tank
Metal disc brake system
Pre-painted and cut body shell
Sealed box for protecting receiver system
Anti-roll bars pre-fitted
High quality 27MHZ CE approved Radio system with changeable crystals.

Width: 267MM
Height: 155MM
Track: 240MM
Length: 430MM
Wheelbase: 280MM
Gear ratio: 5.69:1 (High), 7.83:1 (Low)
Engine: Team Infinity 18
Wheel dia.: 88*34MM(FRONT); 88*41MM(REAR)
Ground clearance: 27MM

12 x AA Batteries
Model Fuel