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Posted by malcr001 | Apr 15, 2012 @ 01:05 PM | 3,625 Views
  • Most voltage regulators create noise made visible in your video, the best way to cut this down is by using linear power supply (but creates a lot of heat) or using a tried and tested voltage regulator that produces low noise and in addition to adding an LC filter.

  • If you plan on flying in a sub-urban/urban area chances are that any gear you have running on 2.4ghz OR 5.8ghz isnít going to cut it and you are going to experience problems with range and interference.

  • Itís best to start FPV on a platform you know is stable. No matter how much experience you have with rc, flying FPV is totally different so donít do what I did and fly FPV using a trex 250, instead go for a multicopter which is much more stable.

  • Understand RF and how it works, doing so will help you avoid stupid mistakes like inappropriate antenna placement. Understanding polarization better will help you avoid difficulties when flying too.

  • A bit like the above, understand antenna types, donít mix linear polarized antennas with circular polarized antennas. Donít mix RHCP with LHCP or horizontally linear polarized antennas with ones that are vertical. On top of that understand where your antennas null areas are so you can avoid getting into trouble.

  • Laptops seem like a great idea but they arent. When I first started, the idea of using a laptop seemed logical. Why spend £150 on a DVR when I can just hookup my laptop and record using some free software? Well I found out that using a laptop was so much more
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Posted by malcr001 | Oct 12, 2011 @ 07:10 PM | 4,201 Views
In light of discovering FPV and learning from FPV using my trex 250 I decided to get a quadcopter better suited for FPV. So why did I move from heli's to multcopters as an FPV platform? Initially I thought quadcopters were goofy looking and were strange however I was willing to set the looks aside for the following big benefits:

Flight time! With my quadcopter I get an average 25minutes compared to helis 5-10 minutes so more than 50% increase in flight time! When you talk to people about this stuff who know nothing about rc 5 minutes flight time always sounds pathetic however 25minutes isn't as bad as everyone knows thatís the duration of any standard tv episode. Flight time was always a question that was brought up whenever I talked about helis and I always used to stretch the flight time to something unrealistic with helis and say something like 20 minutes but now I dont need to lie!

Payload! Payload is significantly better on multicopters compared to heli's. My quadcopter is roughly the same length as my trex 250 but can lift 550g more weight compared to my trex 250's 150g max payload. Thatís significantly more!

Mechanics This was a huge plus for me, no longer do I need to fuss about blade pitches, gears, pinions, belts, servos, linkages, gear mesh and so on all of this is taken out of the equation and simply uses 4 motors! This is a huge time saver and not to mention can get you back up flying in no time if you crash. No longer do I need to worry about the helis...Continue Reading
Posted by malcr001 | Oct 07, 2009 @ 09:15 AM | 5,422 Views
Hi guys I installed my new CB100 head on my 4-3B now. It does fly more stable and it solved the small tail wag which is good. I had to mod the antirotation bracket though and I ended up glueing the backet on the old 4-3B servo holder.

4-3B 1s (double brushless version):

cf woven boom
2 flea escs (superfast tail v3)
Reinforced anti rotation bracket
spring mod - (Will be back on heli soon)
400mah 20c lipo & 500mah 15c
3pin connectors for esc to brushless motor
3g HP03s rewound to 14000kv
CQE-Flash B2 CF blades
4B120 tail blade
1.9g tail holder
HP02s 1.9g tail motor (8000kv)
Micro deans gold connectors
Mia Skids
MIA Phantom Canopy

Total Wieght: 56.7g (was 54.5g with 4-3B head) Flight time: 7:30

I'm not sure whether if I should shave off the 4-3B bracket on the frame or not. I may keep it on if I want to replace the head but Im more reluctant to shave it off since I reinforced it.

I like the fact that you dont have flybar paddles anymore because I allways had to adjust them back to 0 pitch after a crash. I also welcome the fact that the flybar rod is thicker but the flybar wieghts in my opinion are too heavy and I will probly try and mod the 4-3B flybar paddles on it one day.
Posted by malcr001 | Sep 03, 2009 @ 08:40 PM | 5,413 Views
Im pretty much modifying every heli I have and all of my brushed helis are being converted to brushless. Heres two helis Ive converted so far:

5G6-1 1s:

HP05s 1000kv motors
2x Superfast Flea esc
MIA Canopy
Strong double sided foam pad
3 pin brushless connectors
MIA tuff struts - I origionally bought the updated tuff struts which turned out to not fit with the 5G6-1 gearng and even with my mod there still wasent enough space to deal with the motors so it was lucky mario sent me the origional tuff struts for free.
Mini deans connectors
xtreme production tail fin
Lama 2 tail boom and blades
Spring mod
Walkera 52 skids modded onto mia tuff struts and shortened

Total Wieght: 67.1g Flight time: 8:25 (400mah 20c lipo, continuous flight doing slow loops, maneuvers and hovers)

LAMA v3:
Xtreme canopy, skids, Swashplate & guide and blade grips, blades, outer and innershaft gears.
850mah 20c lipo
All white plastic parts dyed black (turned out much better I thought it would turn out a dark purple which it didnt, Also having these parts white were not practical as dirt shows up easy)
Adjustable flybar wieghts
2X Turnigy 6A esc
2X AEO C10 motor
2BLc Brushless converter
Blade CX2 4in1 (about 5grams lighter than my 35mhz stock 4in1 and I can also use my DX7!)
Shortened tail boom by 3cm and tail boom supports by 1.5cm

The rest of my fleet is a 2s 4-3B and two 1s 4-3B's which will soon be up and I may post a phew pics of my trex 250.