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Posted by Zippin-Thru | Apr 25, 2010 @ 12:17 PM | 2,120 Views
Updated Aug 10, 2013

Hello and welcome to my RC craft page.

I like to build and fly ducted fan aircraft primarily, but will also go with a prop plane now and then. I've also tried my hand at RC boats. You'll see some of my current craft in the pictures below.

Here's the list of those ready to fly:

1. Habu (original) - I have two of these and they get plenty of air time.

2. F-22 (Wattage) - I've repaired this one from damage sustained on the second flight that crunched the nose beyond repair. (BTW - the CG setting stated in the instructions is too far forward - move it back at least 1/2 inch.) I cut it off just in front of the intakes and shaped a new one to replace it - one that looks more like the real aircraft nose. The new nose section has been glassed and repainted. I also modified the tail sections to use carbon/fiber tubes for rotation/hinges. I also swapped out the original brushed/geared motor for a small outrunner from RadicalRC - it worked great! The updated plane flew for the first time tonite and worked great. It's not a burner, but is very light - AUW: 15.3 oz! It floats in very slow on landing and just sets down on the grass. This has become one of my favorite flyers!

3. F4U Corsair - this is the Parkzone kit.

4. F-4 (Hobby Lobby) - I bought as many pieces of this plane as I could when H/L had the fire sale a few months ago. I had seen the plane at the 2009 Toledo Show and thought it had great potential. Mine uses an E-Flite 69mm ducted...Continue Reading