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Posted by kanji | May 31, 2011 @ 09:48 AM | 5,647 Views
While I've been waiting summer to arrive to finally maiden my 1/11 scale raptor I've been myself busy building a more high scale raptor.

This one is a test bed for new more scale looking panels and panel lines and also test how to archive that metallic raptor sheen on model plane.

These latest pictures are shot right after I got my "RAM" coat finally figured out.
Posted by kanji | Mar 25, 2011 @ 11:42 AM | 6,278 Views
This winter seems never ending. Nothing much to do while waiting fields and runways to melt clear so I decided to build new and more scale looking cockpit.

Base of this cockpit is tub frame from 3mm balsa sheet thats fiberglassed bothsides. Mosts parts are cut out from thinner 1mm balsa sheet thats also been fiberglassed, makes cutting out clean parts simpler and gives nicer finish.

Smaller details are made from thin scrap plastic.

Here are the first photos.
Posted by kanji | Sep 22, 2010 @ 10:22 AM | 6,402 Views
Took my simple eurofighter out today and also got couple flights with dutch demoteam F-16.
Posted by kanji | Jun 11, 2010 @ 08:07 AM | 9,686 Views
Now when I charge my batteries so I have energy to continue with raptor, I needed somekinda side project. I wanted to have fast, fun and simple plane so I can practise landings with bigger jet. First I thought of making simple EDF plane, but after flying my small pusher F-16 I realised that its the simplest and by far best plane from my smaller planes. It goes like on rails and its blast to fly, and it looks good in the air.

So last sunday I got an idea to build F-16 with 500-600w motor and pusher prop. I went thru couple of plans and ended up choosing Hans Joachims 140% F-16 plan. I used that as an template to make my own plans.

Here is where I'm at after 3 days build.

Today I'm going to glass upper fuselage and if I have time, later this evening do the bottom before I build rest of the intake and start with stabs
Posted by kanji | Nov 20, 2009 @ 11:39 AM | 7,731 Views
I didn't want to crowd my F-22 build thread with these small build updates, so I decided to create own thread for those to my blog.

So lets start the thread with first post that shows for I created ejection seat. This is far cry from those scale cockpits on most jets, but jets just look empty without cockpit.. and I didnt want to pay 300$ for one.

My ejection seat is loosely based around schematic view of F-16's ACES II seat. I build frame from balsa and then started to layer more balsa to add details. To give some texture to seat and back cushion, I covered 1mm balsa pieces with fabric netting.

Pics speak louder than words.. so here you are

oh..sorry again.. some pics are taken with my crappy phone cam
Posted by kanji | Jun 02, 2009 @ 04:32 AM | 8,616 Views
Hi guys!

Now that I finally got my depron F-22 mostly ready and more importantly airborne, I decided to start a new project to keep me busy. This time I take more time and keep this as a side project and build it when ever I feel like it.

This has exact sama measures as my depron F-22 but this time I use balsa and I'm going to fiberglass the fuselage.

Specs :

Lenght : 158cm
Wingspan : 113cm
AUW : hopefully more nearer 2.5 kilos than 3 kg

Fans : 70mm 500w/fan, staticthrust/fan should be around 1kg

I build this using mostly the same plans I had for the depron plane but I've made many changes to give it more accurate look. Intakes are redesigned, as well the bottom part of the plane. Wings are going through redesign as well and this time instead of just tailerons, I'm going for ailerons, flaps and leading edge flaps.
Posted by kanji | May 24, 2009 @ 05:33 PM | 7,081 Views
Couple of photos from this evenings flight session. I took my old A-10 and smaller F-22 to field and enjoyed calm evening and great sunset
Posted by kanji | Feb 23, 2009 @ 04:50 PM | 8,089 Views
Digital camouflages have become more and more popular but I've not seen many on a RC jet so this gave me idea to test how tedious is to make somewhat decent looking digi camo. I have F/A-18 hornet that I want to paint to the digi camo used by US Marines but before I mess that one I wanted to test it on a loyal jet that has seen more action than my other planes combined.

I painted this camo using three different greys. I used vallejo model colours: Natural grey, sky grey and neutral grey. I laid the lightest colour as a base colour and then made stencils by cutting random shapes with a hobbyknife. I made 3 different A4 papers full of different shapes so that the pattern doesnt get repitive. After base colour I used two different grey shades that I paintbrushed thru the stencils back to back so that even those different greys overlap and its not just a paint job done in three phases.

Heres the pics, I'm quite happy with it. I rushed with this one.. whole paintjob took just 2 hours. With the F/A-18 I'm going to let eah paint layer set well and continue with patience. Now there are some smears because paint was still wet in some areas when I placed new stencil over.
Posted by kanji | Jan 28, 2009 @ 11:11 AM | 10,046 Views
Yesterday I decided that I want to try something new with my old and beaten up Cessna Minium. I took wing off from the top and removed the upper cabin. I fiddled with the wing and tested it on the middle part of the plane. It looked somewhat OK so immediatly I started to want ailerons. After couple of hours planning and testing, I decided to make ailerons using 0.5mm steelwire. Wire is bend 90degrees at the end and glued inside the aileron. Another end is bend as well, 90 degrees upwards. To get rigid but light construction, I glued 3mm balsa stick to support the bellcrank. Bellcrank itself is make from thin plastic. Hardest part was to get the pushrod in the right place so that it has enough movement but it isn't too heavy for the tiny servo. There is a small plastic strip over the bellcrank to support it and preventing slob.

Motor thrust angle is reduced to 10 degrees and I placed 2mm balsa strips under the leading edge of the wing to give it more lift. CG is 1/3 from the leading edge.

Today I tested my new plane on slight wind and even with out any trimming or adjusting it flew really nice. Lower wing gives the plane more speed and agility. It loops nicely without dive and roll rate is pretty good even with the stockmotor. Next I'm hoping to upgrade motor to give it more ooomph
Posted by kanji | Jan 23, 2009 @ 11:54 AM | 8,476 Views
I've wanted one of these ever since I saw first on the turbine jet threads. Many RC-webshops and jetshops sell these but prices are SICK! 125$ for a pilot figure. After couple of days ebay hunting I found the one that I was looking for, Dragons F-15E Night fighter pilot. Details looked great on pics but they are even better than I thought. I got this one for 29$ +shipping so in total it was like 30euros. Same pilot on German jet hobbyshop for 199e

Posted by kanji | Jan 18, 2009 @ 10:17 AM | 7,844 Views
Here's couple of pics from my F/A-22's first taxing and ROG tests. Weather was terrible, but I just couldn't hold back anymore. Temperature was -16 degrees and it was bit windy, so my Raptor got some taste on the conditions where its going to operate. Bit like the Raptors in Alaskas squadron

Before I wanted to trash my Raptor, I took my loyal A-10 trainer so I could check how the cold and wind affected such an open space. A-10 flew really nice, only on the final approach it dived pretty unexpecting.

Plane handled really nicely on taxing and all controls and surfaces moved with out any clitches. After couple of longer runs to check the speed and available thrust, I carefully pulled stick slightly back and Raptors nose raised and it took off gracefully and without any problems. Only adjustment was on ailerons, couple of clicks to right and it flew dead straight even in the wind.

On the second ROG run strong gust of wind threw the plane almost vertical during the take off but there was enough oooompf on the motors to get her on level light and to land safely. Wind just got stronger and stronger so I decided to call a day.