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Posted by Tatonka | Nov 22, 2013 @ 11:21 AM | 3,278 Views
This my Blog (Build Log) of my Steampunk Fighter.....I became interested in this in the spring of 2013 after seeing some artist renditions of Steampunk aircraft and decided to use my imagination and build one of my own. I must say that it has been a fun project, probably the most fun I've had doing a build, anything goes here, there are no scale rules to follow.... When I first became interested in this I saw the Hobbyking DH-88 on sale and this vision of what it could look like popped into my head, so I started looking for parts that would work to make that vision a reality. I found some landing gear from a German WWII Biplane that looked like it would fit the bill and some gun pods off a Stuka also looked interesting..... Upon receiving the DH-88 I decided I wanted to mod the long narrow wings to make them shorter, wider and more Warbird like, so I chopped of about 3 inches per wing, built up the leading edges to make hem less swept back and overlaid them with 1/8 balsa using the original wing as a form. (more detail on this with picts) Gorilla glue worked awesome for gluing the balsa to the foam wings, foaming action fills and reinforces any voids... I also wanted a triple stabilizer tail so I began modding it by cutting off the tips of the stabilizer so the fins could be attached and building up the leading edge to reshape it