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Venturing into the world of 3d printing: EDF22

Here is a list of all the available options and the cost of each unit.
- NDF22/7 G2, 1.03cm^3, $1.55
- 7mm reduced hub,^3, $1.51* N/A at the moment
- NDF22/8.4 G2, 1.02cm^3, $1.53
- 9.4mm, 1.02cm^3, $1.53* N/A at the moment
- NDF22/10 G2, 1.02cm^3, $1.53
- NDF22/2G G2, 1.00cm^3, $1.50
- NDF22 thrust stand, 2.85cm^3, $4.28
- NDF22 S-Intake, 0.27cm^3, $0.41
- NDF22 L-Intake, 0.34cm^3, $0.51
- MDF25/10, 1.15cm^3, $1.73
- MDF25/12, 1.28cm^3, $1.93

NDF22 Stats:
- 22mm ID
- 23.4mm OD
- 15.5mm Height
- Varying Motor Diameter
- 6.5mm Motor Mount Depth, but there is no limiter/stopper
- Friction Motor Mount
- 11.8mm Rotor Hub - Reduced hub is the minimum hub diameter for a given motor diameter.
- Made for cut down GWS edf30 rotor.

MDF25 Stats:
- 25mm ID
- 26.4mm OD
- 16mm Height
- Varying Motor Diameter
- 10mm, 11.8mm Motor Housing OD, GWS 6-Blader
- 12mm, 14mm Motor Housing OD, AEO 8-Blader

The units come pretty smooth from the factory. It is not glass smooth, but still smooth.

What I can not put a definite price tag on:
1) Customs or any other related amount that gets added 'on top' of the initial pricing.

If you order directly from the site:
1) I can not guarantee anything, unless there are special conditions. Anyone outside the U.S. is covered.
2) You will have to pay the $1.50 start up fee for each file. Contact me and I can put it all in one file.
3) The fans will also cost 10% more. (first condition)
4) You will risk wasting time and money. (first condition)
5) You will get free shipping.
6) You will most likely get it sooner.

When and Payment:
- I take PayPal.
- I will not accept payment unless I feel confident about the product.

- All G1 orders received!

If you have any questions, feel free to post or pm.