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Posted by pulsery2k1 | Nov 08, 2012 @ 11:08 AM | 7,505 Views
One of the best things about Modeling , is you can scratch build your
own designs . in the real world you can't just go to boeing and say I'd
have a great idear and would like to design your next great airplane.

But in modeling you can take you dream from drawing board to
Flying field , and the feeling of seeing your design's fly ,to me is
what this hobby is all about - FUN . I've building and flying models
over 50 years from free flight /u control to RC , one of my first
designs was a single channel Pulse model , I worked and learned
from a great RCer Ken Willard .

your design can be simple to comlex or as most of us find ourself
doing we redesign or we kit bash some of our...Continue Reading