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Posted by pulsery2k1 | Jul 22, 2012 @ 10:26 PM | 7,826 Views
just completed my Fly Fly Hawk using a new covering method called
glass light , In the past I have used Polyglass on foam , which is
water based polycrylic and tissue paper . but I have had great sucess
with this . but now with most Foam models being EPO foam
I had problems with the tissue lifting in the sun EPO like's to
bubble (aligator) in the hot sun so this time . I tryed heavy tissue
and finish cure 20 min epoxy mixed 75/25 with alcohol . the results
are excellent , the main avantage is its much lighter the old fashion
fiberglassing .

7/25/2012 Maiden Flight , sucessful , with minor landing accident
model flow in 12-17 mph crosswind

fly fly 90 mm on board (5 min 47 sec)