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Posted by shanesmadhouse | Sep 25, 2011 @ 06:39 AM | 6,742 Views
Hey there everyone.
Well this is the latest creation from the SAC, (Saints Aircraft Corporation).
This one is a design from myself off a three dimension picture.
This was a wonderful build and had a great time with the build.
Construction is as follows, used foam board for body with foam covered with balsa wings. Wing span is 1400mm and length just on 1530 mm. Currently powered by two 24mm Tower pro motors swinging 8x4 props but will change to three bladed 7 in once I get them. In no hurry to change but the 8 in ones do go very close to the fuselage, 5 mm gap. Motors are currently being fired up with 2 x 25 Amp ESC off a 2200 20 C S3 battery. Have the option due to the cavernous body to move the battery to for or aft to increase battery size.

Electronics are as follows, 5 x 9 gm servos, ele, rudder, ailerons x 2, steering. 2 x 18 gram for flaps which work even given the severe gull wing nature of the Caribou. Flaps only go 1/2 way along wing but once I get a better rx I will add the ailerons to flaperons to assist in the slow performance. Forgot to mention that the flaps are slotted fowler flaps.

Plane is also retract fitted with two electrics for the main U/C in the engine pods and using a tail wheel u/c assemble for the front due to space availability. Front wheel not in the correct position but hey its only stand off scale.

Paint job all done with good old brush work after preparing with spackling and WBPU covered. Not the best as I was getting greedy just...Continue Reading