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Posted by Cubcrazy | Mar 08, 2018 @ 03:12 AM | 2,172 Views
I have been getting the itch to do something out of the ordinary. After spending some time flying my FMS v8 Mustang last weekend, I decided I wanted to kit bash a P-82 Twin Mustang
I needed to get my hands on 2 foamie Mustangs, but which ones? Which size and brand was going to have the parts availability, the right size, and the right price, to suite my project? I spent a long time searching all the vendors/brands I know looking for the right solution. I was a little discouraged after spending waaay too long looking and not finding.
It just so happens, that a local flying buddy had a couple of Lanyu 1400mm P-51s that he was interested in selling. 1 NIB, and the other a Hangar Queen that had not been flown in a long time. We struck a deal. There is no way possible I could have gotten this good of a deal from the retail market. So off I go.

Powering this model will be a pair of FMS v8 Mustang prop-spinner-motor setups, on 4 or 5S. It will get main retracts as well. Retractable tailwheels may come later.

I plan on just doing a basic silver and black paint scheme.


Here are progress pics from tonight's' toiling.

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Posted by Cubcrazy | May 13, 2017 @ 09:41 PM | 6,258 Views
I wanted to have an entry just for planes that I have repainted. I will update with more pictures as time goes on.

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Posted by Cubcrazy | Mar 28, 2017 @ 02:20 AM | 7,383 Views
With more airplanes than my garage can handle, a new storage solution was needed. I also have many planes hanging from the ceiling on PVC. New rack system underway. Many more rungs to go.

Edit: Third column finished...more info to come.
Posted by Cubcrazy | Mar 19, 2017 @ 11:09 PM | 7,133 Views
Thought I'd post up a pic of something I've been working on. The old discontinued Parkzone Stinson Reliant. It took some searching and some patience, but I was able to source all the parts (with a few spares) to put together this fun, attractive airplane. I had one when they were in production, and sold it as my fleet was evolving and it was just it's time to go to a new owner. Now I've got one, and I can't wait to get it in the air. One of my favorite things to do with this airplane, was touch and goes. Touch and goes all day long. The attached picture is just the airframe with a motor and prop installed. It still needs servos, linkages and so forth. The only things I did different than stock are:
  • FMS 3536 850kv motor
  • Rochobby Waco 11x7 prop custom painted (it has the very scale design, albeit the chord of the blades is too wide for scale)
  • Blacked out all the windows
  • Printed the image of a Lycoming R680 radial engine and sized it to the plane. It looks fantastic, in my opinion. Small holes in the graphic will allow air to pass into the cowl

Posted by Cubcrazy | Jul 21, 2016 @ 12:32 PM | 8,729 Views
Here are some pics with rough measurements of my Carbon Z T-28 travel rig. The measurements are very close to cut pipe length, but do not necessarily take into account the length and geometry of the T fittings and L bows. I am not a technical drawing artist by any means, so its a bit rough. I made this rig using the dimensions of the model as a guide. I just started laying pieces down and connecting them together to see what worked and what didnt. I did use an electric mitre saw so my cuts were fairly accurate once I was happy with the fit.

Posted by Cubcrazy | May 12, 2016 @ 07:35 PM | 28,916 Views
Here are some pics of my shameful mess of a " hangar" that is spilling into my house.
Posted by Cubcrazy | Nov 20, 2013 @ 10:46 AM | 8,522 Views
Not much of a build log, since I am really just posting my finished product. I decided to do my first dollar tree foam build with the Clancy Lazy Bee as the subject. I used full size plans to make templates. Once I had the basic shaped made, it was just a matter of using the "That Looks About Right" method. I did not do the classic paint scheme, as my build was just a learning experience. Plane flies great though.