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Posted by deckert | Jun 30, 2008 @ 12:03 AM | 3,445 Views
Well after "waiting" for E-Flite to distribute their new Bipe, I'm giving up on them. Delay after delay doesn't cut it. Why they, and others, advertise a new product & don't deliver on their release dates is beyond me. It just fries my backside and sends my business elsewhere & induces me to NOT buy from them again. Will I buy the bipe when it's released, I honestly don't know, but I suspect not.

So along that line, I went & bought the (ARF) Fokker D.VII from Great Planes. Not really what I wanted initially. In lieu of that, I'm dragging my feet putting it together but started it today. I'm suprised! Pretty straight forward so far without a lot of horsing around. Inspection @ the LHS looked good. Unpacking 2 days ago revealed a broken left aileron at the tip. (bummer) New one one order.

Concerns about the front part of the horizontal stabilizer having enough surface area to adhere to so I added a 1/4" x 1/2" balsa cross piece inside the balsa fuelage sheeting. Was looking forward to installing hinges today, didn't happen. Supplied material would 'probably' work but I'll be darned if I'm gonna install these chintzy little pieces of CA hinges into the bird. I wonder how much more it would taken to provide some 3/8 by 1/2" CA hinges? Axle install failed partially due to mis-alignment of the holes. Just had to 'file' the holes with the axle threads to allow for alignment. Not a big deal but.. Wasn't impressed with the 4 screw access...Continue Reading
Posted by deckert | May 14, 2008 @ 12:42 AM | 3,783 Views
In as much as most all of us have suffered thru the 'delivery dates' of aircraft, I offer a somewhat unique perspective with respect to my requests. I sent an email to Horizon Hobby. The email I sent was not polite. Irrespective of that, HH responded (<10hours) by providing me an address, with a phone number, to one of their vendors that may have what I wanted. I contacted their vendor and was assured they have the product in stock & will ship it ASAP. Shipping will be from Texas to Washington State.

No matter what happens between me & the seller, I feel HH went above & beyond to assist me. For that alone, I salute Horizon Hobby!

Now if they (HH) could just get their suppliers to get off their butts to increase production, perhaps we'd all be happy.

I'm absolutely fearing what/how the China quake yesterday will affect the cost of kits.

Additionally, I'm posting 2 pics of my completed J3 Cub Virgin Bird from E-Flite. Modded for scale but never flown. All gear is installed & set up for flight. Truth being known, I'm really scared to fly it for fear of wrecking it for the hours put into scaling it out. My boss is posted here as well. Without her, I wouldn't have a pot to pee in. In spite of the fact my wife may never see this post, I have to say I love you Lorna... :-) You've allowed and supported me in any venture I've undertaken.

Posted by deckert | May 02, 2008 @ 01:59 AM | 3,922 Views
Yea I know this has nothing to do with RC activities. What it does have to with is kids. As Director of this years Car Show in Benton City, Wa., we raised $2800.00 to contribute to the Grid Kids Program. WAH-HOO We're in the black for finances. Add to this, we have some money left over to donate to the Middle School Soccer team for uniforms. Another WAH-HOO

However, I'm extremely disheartened as I was unable to obtain support from my local flying club to participate for the promotion of RC.

Posted by deckert | Apr 15, 2008 @ 10:21 PM | 3,999 Views
Yep! This gear is designed to adjust for crosswind take offs & landings. It's CUSTOM MADE! Current design/tests for Hyperion Cap232 25e only! User must supply their own LG. Instructions for design are free with an e-mail request. Send request to; All requests will be ingored within 1 hour. For a faster response, send request to; where responses will be ignored immediately. I look forward to being able to serve the RC community for many years forthcoming!

Posted by deckert | Apr 12, 2008 @ 11:58 PM | 3,663 Views
What a day! Met new fliers & had a blast today! Went to the local Fun Scale Flyin today here @ Higgins Field. Took my little Cap232 out. Darn wind was just 2 heavy for my tastes, especially as this would basically be a (sorta) 2nd maiden. Really good food combined with some good flying, and almost decent weather made for a really nice day. Not many people but really nice.
The down side being, I decided, again , to try this darn Cap! after all the hoopala for balancing this stinker. So now I'm nose heavy & fought the bird all around the circuit. End result being another pancake landing. Although this flight failed to induce the horrific heartbeats from the 1st flight, it none-the-less resulted with the same ending. CRASH! So what's 4.00 for a new prop & straighting out the LG? I'm sure not complaining on this!

Pushing the bird with a MaxAmps battery, Motrolfly DM2820 & their ESC with a 12x6 APC prop. Talk about power Unfortunately, the damn left side HS65 Ail. servo stripped out for some reason Apparently the carbonite gears are worth nothing, especially as the LS Ailerons or horns never contacted ANYTHING. I've had HS 55's hit harder then this & still work/I'm po'd here!

Now here's the rub, I only unofficially qualified for a 2nd place finish for best crash of the day.
But 1st place was WELL DESERVED.
Lift off, 20' out & roll left about 8' AGL
go inverted
Plowin dirt <2 seconds later
20% Lancair gasser.........OUCH!

On a SERIOUS NOTE, the 3rd annual Benton City, Wa. Car & Bike Show will be held on April 26th, 2008 to raise funds for the Grid Kids. ( a non-profit 105-C3 organization) As Chair of this years event, I'm sincerely hoping to have some RC modelers there, at no cost, to display planes, helis, cars & trucks to promote RC involvement. If you wish to participate, send e-mail to The event will be held @ the Ki-Be Middle school in Benton City. More info is available @

Hobby or just ? LOL
Posted by deckert | Apr 01, 2008 @ 09:45 PM | 5,097 Views
Just great! Went out today searching for donations for our annual non-profit Car Show raffle. Door slamming abounded! Thbtttt! LHS shop scheduled for my middle time slot stop for a gift for the raffle. My MOTHER, (we take care of her @ the house) called the LHS 3 minutes after my arrival. How the he** she knew I was there must be a mother thing! She tells me I have 3 important phone calls @ the house. BUT, there's a problem, the wife got hit in her drivers door in the car. OMG! Is she all right? Yep, she's ok but the car has damage. Now I'm PO'd because the car is a 300M Chrysler with no previous damage. Cancel everthing per se & head back home. Phone msg's are basically bogus BS, ie: minor car show BS and they worked themselves out. Take care of more car show bs and head home for early dinner. Aw heck, the wife won't be home for an hour so I go have a drink with an old friend. NOW, the wife comes in, as in really early. Guess what, I got

April fooled! No damage, no accident, nothing! ARRGGGHH! However, the situation has now worsened. It's now 6:00pm and the STINKING WEATHER is dead calm, 55 degrees, sunny & I'm about 3 drinks to the wind with 2 birds to maiden....Talk about living in hell sometimes.. ..........

Posted by deckert | Mar 12, 2008 @ 04:35 AM | 4,591 Views
Wow! If you EVER thought you've seen some 3D, you should have have seen this show. I would have been rated next to God or been declared an utter idiot. Ten or 15 seconds of holy 'clean my pants out flight.' I guarantee no 3d flyer could have put on a show like this. I thought about having the wife down to log this maiden but why risk injuring the chief cook/dishwasher in case anything went wrong were my thoughts.
10' out & airborn. Yea!
Unfortunately, it was holy terror and suck the leather off the seats with your behind after that. Stupidity & fear were now in control. Unwittingly & unwillingly, I had ventured into 3d flight. I can only relate this to turning the steering wheel left & I was looking @ my own rear end in point 1 seconds. Power up & the stinker was going for the sky, (I'm blaming Motrolfly for the power) power down and a rock was going down. Lord help me when I applied elevator in a vain attempt for level flight much less any aileron. My own pre-flight mindset was some level flight & trim & then worry about any tricks, (way later) as it were. To little to late, & this was not to be! Aside from the holy terror of 10~15 seconds of flight, and discounting the 100~150 feet of flight, it was a truly horrendous event that was indeed well worth logging for preservation. But nooooo! I had no one to log this fantastic, horrific and mind boggling event.

To make a long story short, I "managed" to (liar-liar pants on...Continue Reading
Posted by deckert | Mar 06, 2008 @ 05:23 PM | 4,000 Views
Beautiful Day out. 60 degrees & a slight breeze right down the runway (street in this case). Trimmed the TC out finally. Flys scale like a, well, I don't know what but it handles aileron rolls, stalls, hammerheads, split S & large loops with grace with a little speed. However, I'm apparently lacking some depth perception. The pictures tell the rest of the story... WAHHHHHHH!

Posted by deckert | Mar 05, 2008 @ 06:12 PM | 6,007 Views
Battery is full charge EVO 2170mAh 3s /11.1v & I changed batteries once to get/keep some balance to the test. Loads were viewed from a WattMeter. The calculated loads are different then those read from the meter due to voltage drops when loading the battery. Of course this test is hardly scientific but I'd have thought it would have been closer then the readout. Looks like I need to order up the bigger batteries.

Amps -- Watts -- P=I*E (calculated watts)

WOT ------- 34 --- 333 -- 377
1/2throttle - 11.1 -- 133

12x6 Wood--Battery got warm pretty quick
WOT ------- 40 --- 400 -- 444
1/2throttle - 10.7 -- 121

WOT ------- 32 -- 320 -- 355
1/2throttle - 10.5 -- 118

11x7 Wood
WOT ------- 31 -- 318 -- 344
1/2throttle - 11 -- 118

10x6 Wood--Not very workable
WOT ------- 24 -- 260 -- 266
1/2throttle - 9 -- 103
Posted by deckert | Mar 04, 2008 @ 02:13 AM | 4,313 Views
Well the Cap232 is together, my what a beauty. IMHO! Didn't install a bec but do have a couple of Spektrum rcvr. batteries for it. Which might be for the better anyway. Setting the rcvr. battery just behind the battery tray and velcroed to the wing, I hit CG dead on. I stuck a 10x5e on it, it was all I had here @ the house, & run it up. Pulled 23A/250w WOT. Pulled 9.5A/108w @ 1/2 throttle. Had to turn the Rudder down to 90% & the elevators down-throw to 55% because they were contacting each other. I tried to lock them together & managed to do so @ the rudder horn. Didn't seem like a good idea. Unk if this changed in the 2008 model. Funny thing is I never read about this anyplace. Rudder horn is located per mfg cutouts. Still have to install the cf tail feather rods.

Motrolfly reccomends going to a 13x8 so I guess I'll head to the LHS tommorrow. I'll probably wind up stuffing their bec into it just to eliminate the weight but I figure I'll 'test drive' her first. Course I still need to get some bigger batteries so it looks as though Maxamps will be getting a call in the upcoming week.

I trayed the cockpit & put the AR7000 inside. Run up testing and the motor is still attached. so maybe my fab/mod motor mount will hold up. Course maybe the 13x8 will take it off, ugh! At any rate, I'm going to find out!

Now if we can just get a break from the wind. Doin 25mph plus all day. I still have 2 birds to maiden, the 232 & my beloved 25 Cub from E-...Continue Reading
Posted by deckert | Mar 01, 2008 @ 02:57 AM | 5,221 Views
Before I delve into the Cap, a little side note on my TaylorCraft 450. Lost the HS-55 rudder servo on the landing. Stripped gears. No binding, no crash, just stripped out. Crashed into my own truck on the back right tire but was on the ground. Bent the living out of the LG & broke the motor mount loose. Lordy lordy. Repairs are done but the blankety blank blank winds are up again.

Onto the Cap. Mounting the new Motrolfly motor to the firewall. The motor came with the shaft extending on the wrong end. NP! Just pushed it thru to the other side, sorta. The shaft fit is very tight due to some ridgid mfg. specs & you will need a vice of sorts to press it thru. Way tighter then my E-Flite 450 shaft. Unfortunately the lock collar was missing. Quick call To Motrolfly & a new one is on the way, they need an 800 number. Any way the package gets here in about 7 days via 1st class USPS, unfortunately, the 1st 3 days must of been via Pony Express. The delay wasn't Motrolfly as they shipped the same day I called. Maybe the USPS horse had gout, hell I don't know!

Lock collar install went south. All material was there but one of the set screws was to long, as in twice as long as it should have been. I set it in to 'see' if it would clear but alas, no go. One set screw was rubbing on the motor mount and locked up the motor from rotating. (freehand test/no power) Luck is, I stole a set screw from my heli and a perfect fit. I sent the pics to...Continue Reading
Posted by deckert | Feb 28, 2008 @ 01:16 AM | 4,067 Views
Overall I pretty much like this plane for an arf build. However, the darn wing didn't want to go into the fuse. The CL of the wing root is just a hair longer then the fuse cutout. A little twist & push got it there tho. What really bothered me was Hyperion wants the wing epoxied to the fuse. WTH? The front tab & 2 screws make this rock solid so why would I epoxy it?

So here goes some more mods. I'm NOT attaching the wing per directions. No mods to the wing but have to mod the bottom cover plate. So I added, via epoxy, 4 aluminum pins to the front of the bottom plate that fit into holes drilled into the fuse assembly behind the LG. As this bird is a known culprit for weak LG, & LG framing, I'll have to beef up the fuse framing above/around the LG framing. I did add a little piece of balsa into the bottom plate to help hold the 4 epoxied pins.

Everything fits like a dream and the bottom plate is tight to the wing. I'll have to either velcro this on or use some magnets for retention at the rear of the bottom plate. Either way will require a little balsa to offset the gap between the trailing edge of the wing & the bottom plate. BTW, I bought some Dubro wheels to replace the chintzy Hyperion wheels. At least they roll straight.. Unk if I'll install the wheel pants, although the new wheels will fit inside of them with a 'little' trimming. On the downside, the wheel pants are crappola because of the glue lines.. pretty ugly! Maybe paint, I don't know yet.

Posted by deckert | Feb 25, 2008 @ 11:41 PM | 3,850 Views
Yea right! I read-em & forgot-em. Just this close to a MAJOR foo foo! Test fit the elevators to the horiz. stab & epoxied the cross wire into the elev. STUPID! For some reason the elev. just wouldn't go thru the tail slot, gee, I wonder why. Epoxy (5 minute) hadn't fully set so I got 1 side loose & managed to get everything like it should be. Panic setting in upon realizing stupid mistake. I hope this won't be relative to my motor mount experiment with this bird. I seriously thought about running dual servos for the Elev so I didn't have to deal with the tie-rod. What's another 30 or 40 bucks..

Motor mount hold down is very tight with this mod I'm trying. I'm unable to pop it up to release it with a 'lot' of finger pressure. I'd break something before it releases so I'm feeling pretty good with this. Still need to epoxy it though. However, if you see some later blogs with a lot of sniveling & crying about me crashing because the whole motor went a separate direction then the bird, well? Bad bird Bad bird, whatcha go do when they come for you? (sung to the tune of Cops)

Posted by deckert | Feb 24, 2008 @ 01:55 AM | 3,958 Views
Ya ever wonder why we JUST HAVE to mod things? Me neither! For whatever reasons, I started my Hyperion Cap 232 25e today. (Sorta/kinda, as I spent about 3 hours the other day ironing out the wrinkles. ) I'm inclined to agree, since I asked the question about the wrinkles, there must have been too much heat/storage/something that induced a HORRIBLE amount of wrinkles into this bird. Anyway, ailerons are ca'd on. Moved to the engine mount & here's where the changes start. I looked @ this thing for over 2 hours and decided I had no desire to epoxy the motor mount to the firewall per directions. Reason being, after minor crashing other birds, I usually tear up the motor mount. If it's epoxied in, my firewall usually takes a hit as well and it just creates a lot of headaches for repairs.

SO I decided there must be a better way. I guess a test crash will tell, heaven forbid I need to validate this. Fortunately, Hyperion made the motor mount 'tablock' into the firewall. So drawing on my years of industrial construction, I decided to make the motor mount removable in case I dump the bird. I think the pics will relay better then I can describe it all.

End point being, remove 2 bolts & the entire firewall w/ motor can be pulled. I added reinforcing plywood plates behind the 4 blind nuts. I have no fear of this coming loose. It will pull/hold @ least 5 lbs of down-force to hold the motor mount into the firewall with the tabs set tight. I still need to add some epoxy...Continue Reading
Posted by deckert | Feb 17, 2008 @ 09:05 PM | 3,530 Views
Well I maidened (again?) the TC today. All was successful. Spent about 6 minutes up. 45 degrees and about 5~7mph winds @ the start. Winds started picking up so I brought her in & greased her down for a beautiful 3 point downwind landing. A no-no but.. After rebuilding from the 1st maiden I turned everything on & "discovered" why I dumped her in the 1st place. I had the Ail servos reversed. How I managed that is beyond me. Stupidity reigned I guess. Left wing rebuild was 2 wing spars, 3 ribs and virtually the whole motor mount. Recovered the beautiful Cream Cote with Maroon accent damage with Cub yellow. Talk about UGLY! Wife is ticked off because she didn't get to see the voyage, oh well.. I also bent the motor shaft but not bad enough to ground it, new one is on order. Dang. Also had to re-spring the landing gear.

Old age has some some problems. Gettin out there about 300' and I'm not real sure "which" direction the bird is at, although a lot of elevation helps I did add +3 up to the right ail to get rid of the roll because I can't get rid of the left ail warp on the upper side. Will need some down trim on the elevators because the bird wants to climb. Running this with a 10x8 woody prop with a 450 E-Flite outrunner. There is a lot of speed with this. 1/2 throttle & the bird must be doing 25~30 mph in level flight. 1 loop tho and the bird kinda fell out of the sky, but the bird was quite a ways out there. I'm sure it was lack of airspeed. The old age vision thing again. Damn it's hard gettin old!

Posted by deckert | Feb 16, 2008 @ 01:43 AM | 4,680 Views
FINALLY, calm day & cool here. Take my new TaylorCraft for it's maiden. Oh Yea!
Now add a left turn after lift off (120' or so out @ about 15' AGL) and keep turning left with a little left roll before the bird was trimmed. Was rolling slightly to the left due to warped Ail that I didn't catch b4 the flite.

Kerblam Dumb thumbs won out! Left wing is rebuilt, and now redoing the motor mount. Bent the prop adapter but not the motor shaft. The Cub yellow monocote sure makes the wing look like.....well, ugly! LOL
Some work ahead I guess.. Gonna hafta fly less 1 ea. left wing strut. Point being, the ground was a virgin until I got there.

Posted by deckert | Feb 15, 2008 @ 03:19 PM | 4,067 Views
NP (NitroPlanes) sent me a msg offering an RMA on the bipe of which I'm going to accept. Kudos to John from NP (NitroPlanes) for their service.

opjose,(RCU frequent poster) and others, have been very useful with respect to advice/suggestions on this plane. In fairness to trying everything offered up to help, I tried the final thing I could think of to obtain CG. I offer this up as information only.

I installed dead weight into the battery tray area to obtain CG. Nothing was placed past the first former located behind the firewall nor was anything placed ahead of the firewall. All electronics were in place. The end result was 1lb.~1.1 oz of dead weight to obtain CG @ 50mm mfg specs. The battery pack I was trying to use weighs in @ 6.3 oz. I think the posted pics will put to rest any questions or suspicions anyone may have.

Posted by deckert | Feb 13, 2008 @ 01:56 AM | 3,692 Views
Right or wrong, things just don't go right no matter how hard you try. My NitroPlanes Ultimate Bipe has got to go. If it wasn't for the cost of the electronics, I'd wind this bird up & set it loose on the world for some other poor unsuspecting sole to 'discover' in a field someplace. AUW measured @ 27.6 oz after the build. Perfect! Unfortunately, the AUW is mostly in it's ass end.

I guess the pics with this will tell all. I didn't weigh the added lead I used to try for getting CG, but the bird feels like a sack of potatoes when you pick it up after adding the weights. The weights pictured are 5/16" od and total 20" in length. FWIW, a couple of short taxis's (60' total) tore the rear TW off & bent the wire off the rudder. (before adding the weights) If you look close @ the broad side images of the bird, you can see where I replaced the tw with a 2" wing tip skid. 60 feet of asphalt ate a 1/4" off of it in 4 runs of taxi @ 15' each way. I have to clarify, I installed an EVO 25 battery into this. It's a little longer then what I should be using, which doesn't help the CG. I'm estimating (real close) about 20% of it sets behind the CG But without scaling the added weight, this bird, IMHO is just plain tail heavy. I vindicate this because I've read the same results from other builders of this bird on other NG's that are looking @ CG of 5~10mm behind the factory recommendations. Unfortunately, my CG is 25mm past factory with no weights added. (...Continue Reading
Posted by deckert | Feb 06, 2008 @ 02:40 AM | 3,658 Views
In all fairness to NP, my gripes about the bipe were answered today by the owner of NP. He asked for my order number so I could send it back for a full refund. No matter what I think of the kit, the offer was something I believe we would all look for from a vendor. Kudos to NP from this respect. It indicates they're trying hard to please.

I mailed NP back and politely declined as I'd already modded the bird & was to far along into the assembly with mods to be able to box it. I also made note NP support has failed to make amends with respect to their price guarantee, much less respond. So I guess I'll see where that winds up. This bird is cute & the covering is pretty darn good, but it doesn't offset the poor quality nor design of the kit. Try stuffing a battery into this bird & be able to lock it down with no mods Would I order from NP again? I honestly don't know. It's a balancing act between "if you're not satisfied return it vs quality". I strongly believe quality will overide "if you're not satisfied"

I'm going to keep looking for another bird of this type & size for building because I love the fact they should be little hot rods & still fit in the front of my pickup. The NP Ultimate bipe fails for quality but is long on looks. IMHO I just dislike models out there with exposed servos. This bird will be a thrasher & I'm hoping to recover the electronic gear in the end.