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Posted by deckert | Jul 31, 2012 @ 04:15 AM | 6,178 Views
I'm going to go off on my high horse again. I'm fed up with a couple of things.
  1. Mandatory registration of vendors just to buy from them
  2. Refusal to develop payment thru PayPal
What part of I don't want to register with your website don't you understand? I don't 'want', nor should be 'required' to login to to your stinkin site just to buy something. I don't want nor need you to have any personal info. I have no assurance you can guarantee my data is secure. Something there you aren't able to understand?

Secondly, IF you opt to have a way to purchase via PayPal, then let it be through PP and quit your forced registration just to pay for the products I'd like to buy. All the info you need to ship is via PP and your 'needing' anything else is absolute bulls#(&%*. You have the money and the shipping addy but you demand more? Kiss off! You are being fricking idiots!

I know, and am aware, there are websites that provide discounts for repeat business (with registration) and that's fine. But until I so choose to utilize such site (s) then quit trying to ram your policies up my backside. Otherwise, you've certainly lost my business and the business of how many others?

Posted by deckert | Jul 12, 2012 @ 03:34 AM | 5,989 Views
Bought a junker 7lb. extra 300 of unk origin. Junk/cr*p/worthless manual. Beautiful bird and covering is fantastic after shrink/tightening. Removed covering from fuse bottom and am re-gluing inside. (heat/age/unk) Going to convert to electric because I don't want to go to a 4s .91 or 17 gas. Will be interesting and $$ as time goes on.. Sure is pretty tho.