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Posted by deckert | Jun 18, 2011 @ 07:36 PM | 5,798 Views
Had a good laugh today over some bad flying. I had a rough morning over some computer stuff from Office Depot. Long story but those people are complete idiots. Decided I needed to go flying to relieve my anger. Got to the field and one other member was there. Took my Funtana 40 out and put it thru a tank of fuel. Offered up the bird for the member to fly because he's flown it before and is one of our instructors. He did a bit of flying and got out a little far and got dis-combobulated.

Short version being nothing but a box of sticks from the prop to the rear of the wing. I only had two bad things to say, #1 being I had no camera to take pics of the damage and #2 he crashed it WAY out in the pucker-brush and we had to drive out to retrieve the parts & pieces. He offered to replace but I just couldn't help but laugh over the incident and had to refuse the offer. The guy is a very good pilot but stuff happens. Anyone know of a good bird to put a GK Saito 72 into?

Posted by deckert | Jun 02, 2011 @ 12:00 AM | 5,802 Views
I watched last night, a spider building a web on my back deck. The little bugger went around & around doing it's thing. Tonight, I got to watch it recovering the material, cutting out the garbage it collected and rebuilding the web. I was amazed just how similar this was with respect to rebuilding our birds when we crash them. Perhaps mankind does indeed mimic nature?