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Posted by deckert | Jan 12, 2011 @ 09:37 PM | 6,221 Views
Our Xmas party is tomorrow and here's my gift for the raffle. No, we're not running late or forgetful. We just hold off until all the family stuff is over, the bills are due and we can just plain relax. I figured since I got into building these stupid things, and the extra bedroom is full, just give it away. I't'll make the wife happy and that's worth WAY MORE then the bird. Happy New Year to all and may you have many great flights.

Ironically enough, our club secretary, a 14 YO kid, won the bird I built. However, I did win a new AR7000 Spektrum rcvr. I think it was a good trade..

Posted by deckert | Jan 09, 2011 @ 02:08 AM | 6,208 Views
I always had those dreams where I'd retire and just build planes & helis and do nothing but fly. The honey-do's, yard & house aside from that, I've discovered what a moron dream that was. "Honey, have you seen my rose colored glasses?" I never figured in those darn cold and windy days when I could actually fly but decided I'm just not going to go out in that cold & wind. Surely there must be something to do where I can stay warmer. Well, that led me off to getting foamie plans, ordering all the materials..blah blah you know the rest of the story. So now I'm warm & cozy but there's a breeding room in my spare bedroom. Those suckers are multiplying beyond belief. Anyone know of a local 'I need to stop building planes' support group? I sold two, thankfully, but now have to get rid of some more before I wind up in a divorce. Thank goodness I have an understanding wife. In the past couple of weeks, I've built a depron 3mm Yak, & 2 Sbachs, and a depron 6mm Extra 300 and another Sbach. I have just enough depron left to build one more bird and then hopefully I can quit the insanity. Now about the 35K I need to put out to build a new garage with separate work spaces for her & me... read a lot of whining here.. But I have the design work and plans all done if that counts for anything. I hate winter here in this tree-less country. It just costs me $$$$$.