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Posted by deckert | Dec 25, 2010 @ 01:01 AM | 6,266 Views
I know there's always a lot of discussion (good/bad) about vendors out there. However, I feel as though I needed to take the time to actually congratulate 3 vendors I deal with. One company is and the Owner is Ken Young. Subsonic isn't a big vendor but sure is a reliable vendor. I've had a few problems here and there (albeit darn few-like 1 in a hundred) with products from Ken but the issues were product related, not service related. I've ordered, and paid for parts from Ken, and then received an e-mail telling me something else would work better or is less expensive and asking me if I want to change the order. How sweet is that? Do you get that kind of service from your vendor? Yes, I can buy parts cheaper from HK or others but I deal with an owner that actually believes in service. What a breath of fresh air and concept, Service.

Secondly, I want to thank Another small vendor that has some nice products and is as responsive as is Ken. Their SERVICE is second to none. One of the fastest shipping vendors I've ever dealt with.

Last of all I want to give thanks to Lee Ulinger, In a twisted sort of way, I don't really like Lee because he's the dirty dog that got me into foamies. I looked high & low for a 1st time foamie and Lee's birds just fit to a T. Minimal building, minmal parts and the product line is excellent.

All the above is relative to three vendors I consider excellent for products and support with minimum turn around times in case of failures. Yes, I have expounded on the virtues of these vendors here & there throughout the RCG forums, but for good reasoning. It's called SERVICE. Beat that!
Posted by deckert | Dec 18, 2010 @ 05:04 PM | 6,173 Views
Since I have the little MSR, I needed to add to the indoor fleet. Here's my 50gram SBach. Cut from plans submitted by others in the foamy groups. Should be about 4.55oz AUW.
3.6 gram servos 3ea.
Motrolfly 2203-1600
Motrolfly FM- 10
350 30C Lipo
DX-7 w/AR6100

Posted by deckert | Dec 16, 2010 @ 08:08 PM | 6,283 Views
Sometimes ya just have to bite the bullet and sidestep what you want vs what you REALLY want to do. I made that step today. Our club is launching into a new venue to get kids into flying by doing indoor flying. I REALLY REALLY wanted to have a CP heli to fly indoors in the area we have, but.. I bought a BNF Blade mSR to teach the kids on because of our limited space. It's going to stink for me but it'll help the kids out. The bird is dialed in and let the fun begin.

End of story!

Posted by deckert | Dec 08, 2010 @ 10:28 PM | 5,985 Views
Sometimes things come together on endeavors. Tonight, our work thru our club, has meshed with the world. We now have an indoor flying venue with our local school district. Even better, we received some grant funding to purchase equipment to promote the venue to get our local youth into the world of RC flying. As our club has been 100% outdoor related, we are very proud to be going forward to promote indoor RC flying and to work with our local youth within the community.

Posted by deckert | Dec 07, 2010 @ 12:26 AM | 5,856 Views
Just bought a new bird from an RCG member tonite. I'm just a sucker for general aviation birds. Mostly old timers because I learned to fly in a J-3 and had to transition into a Cessna 150 because it had radios in it. None-the-less, I still like the Cessna lines so here it is. High wing craft offer a great view below you while in flight. I never did like flying the Piper Commanche or Cherokee, I was always looking at the darn panel and WAY ahead of the bird. I felt claustrophobic.

Now the ultimate question, fuel or electric power. I hate decisions like this. Worse is, I'm SERIOUSLY considering stripping the covering and adding retracts to it. I just haven't figured out how to get the main gear to retract and fold into the fuse like a Cessna 210 does. It basically folds back 90 degrees and rotates about 45 degrees. I'll take any advice/links anyone can offer/provide. I still swear It would be cheaper to be a drug addict.


I forgot to add, 63"WS and 6~7lbs.
Posted by deckert | Dec 04, 2010 @ 04:57 AM | 5,788 Views
I NEVER EVER EVER thought I'd be doing this but here I am. I'm setting up to fly indoors. In a 50'w x 100'l x 25'h no less. Well actually the club is doing this, but being the dummy I am, here I go as well. I swore like a hooker at a bible rally there was no way I'd ever do something like this but here I am. I'm just getting dragged into the depths of Satans Lair.

Just how in the world people have the patience and fingers to work with these flimsy things is a miracle to me. Most everything I touch bends, breaks or breaks loose. I had to have the wife help me to get the stupid prop on. (Prop-saver) I wonder just who the sadist was that invented these things? I'll bet that sucker is still laughing about this. None-the-less, I got the bird built thanks to Ken Young from Subsonic Planes. I ordered up the wrong power stuff, DUH! What makes this worse is the fact I'm working on free plans from the foamie members here @ RCG and tuning them up for laser cutting. It's a good thing some of my friends don't know about this, they'd shun me for life. They'd be more accepting if I was on drugs. Lord please tell me how I stooped to this level of depravity!

When all was said & done, I wound up with a bird that weighed in at a whopping AUW of 130g or 4.6oz. Holy criminy, I have props that weigh that much. I sure didn't make any effort to go pretty, I just slammed it together. Maybe next time I'll read the directions. Just another DUH moment. Anyway, here's the results of my impatience. If I crash, it better be darn well be spectacular. Parts and foam EVERYWHERE!