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Posted by deckert | Aug 31, 2010 @ 01:42 AM | 5,422 Views
Well the summer is winding down and this is the 2nd float fly at Scooteny. I missed Friday & Sunday but made Saturday. I don't fly off water because I have enough problems just flying off pavement. I was told Friday weather was better then Saturday, but apparently those darn RC pilots have a "tendancy" to exaggerate! Anyway, here's a few images from Friday and Saturday. The wind was up a little while I was there on Sat.

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Posted by deckert | Aug 29, 2010 @ 03:56 AM | 5,044 Views
Every once in awhile we get lucky. I was fortunate enough to get ahold of a 2flight H9 20cc Taylorcraft for $cheap last week. It was built/flown for a magazine review. Being a lover of old timey birds, I just decided I had to have it. I have nothing in gas and have been collecting gear for my Seagull Decathalon on a Saito 100. My Power 46 H9 Cub is electric as are all my birds. This is going to be an interesting transition to any kinds of fuel, however, I have a wealth of experience to draw from as most of my club are old time fliers using fuel (s). Lordy is this thing pretty! I can see where I'm going to have to reduce the electric fleet somehow. Give-aways are already started in the club from my end. Looks like the GP DR VII is first in line followed by my 1st SF-1 from Lee Ulinger.

Posted by deckert | Aug 15, 2010 @ 05:34 AM | 5,119 Views
Here's some shots of the birds that flew and some that just attended. I didn't state in my last post just how well Russian Thunder looked in the air. It's a really big bird compared to the rest of the fleet, the Stearman being the exception. I posted a couple of vids of the RT bird in the video section while it's on the ground. I dont have vids in the air because I lack a vid camera.

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Posted by deckert | Aug 15, 2010 @ 04:33 AM | 6,584 Views
Well today was a real kick! Jim Bourke brought the Russian Thunder Yak 54 to Pendleton, Ore. for the Beaver State Regional Championship (Northwest) IAC (International Aerobatic Club) meet. Since Pendleton is just a tad over an hour away, I had to make the trip & check this baby out, plus I was also hoping to meet the owner of this unusual bird. I got more then I was hoping for. I expected the meet to be crowded, limited access to the planes & pilots, money to get in etc. etc. just like some airshow events are. Wrong! Me & the wife strolled into the hanger and all the pilots were just putzin around. No gate, no money, nuthing. Just walk in, bs with the pilots and hit the flightline for some pictures. Sit in the shade, watch the pilots gear up and 50' from from the flightline.

I wasn't sure what to expect since I'd never attended one of these events. What I discovered were a bunch of pilots that are passionate about flying and are absolute down-to-earth people. I listened as different pilots gave advice to other pilots on the ins & outs of what needs to happen in performing different manuvers. Hey, just like like at our RC Flying clubs, people helping people. I had a few questions and different IAC pilots filled me in on the why's and what-for's.

But since I went down there to see the Yak and meet Jim, I was treated to some extra special time from him. For that, I want to give a big, "Thank you Jim!" He took me out to the bird and then asked...Continue Reading
Posted by deckert | Aug 09, 2010 @ 12:52 AM | 4,713 Views
Well, after more then a few 'mistakes', I had to retire my E-Flite Extra 260 today. I've piled this poor bird in way to many times and the front end was just a bunch of cobbled up sticks & pieces. I did recover the entire bird (the image here) after the 1st incident and have really enjoyed flying it over the past year. I drove the LG, cowl and motor mount back into the fuse about an inch and 1/2 on a pancake impact.

The bird was about 20% overpowered and I loved putting it up high and switch to 100% throws and just slam the sticks in every direction to watch it go nuts. I have no idea just why it never had a structural failure... It sure should of! I stripped it down and let a couple of the old timers at the club get some foot stomping in. It was sort of sad to see it go. I hot rodded it into the ground because I missed switching to get to low rates. BUT, I have a NIB E-Flite 260 in the closet and I see a future for all the components. I kept the wings and CF wing tube because they have nary a scratch. Probably just going to be more junk to store. I have way to many different wings coming out the door...Maybe I need to have a sale..

Posted by deckert | Aug 01, 2010 @ 02:48 AM | 4,905 Views
Another gift from the middle east. cyjon sent us a USPS box that the wife was sure contained, "more airplane parts". You've all seen that disgusted look from the wife. Low & behold it was a jewelery box with inlaid material in it that she, nor I, had no idea was coming. A gift from the heart of a soldier that will be foreever cherished. How can you beat that?