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Posted by deckert | Jul 29, 2010 @ 12:37 AM | 4,778 Views
If I never build another plane from a die cut kit and build it using wood glue, I'll probably be pretty happy!

One of the older flyers @ the club gave me a NIB 10 year old GP Extra 300 kit to build for him. The only thing he wanted was that I build it with wood glue instead of CA. 5 things have now come back to mind since I started this build;
#1. I still hate die cut kits.
#2. I still hate building with wood glue.
#3. I still hate lousy plans.
#4. I still hate all the sanding.
#5. I still hate using a toothpick to apply the glue. (HINT)

For those of you that have never built a kit from plans or a die cut kit, (much less building with wood glue) you should build at least one in your lifetime just for the experience. Laser cut and CA has made me SO appreciative of todays kits, I'm almost ashamed and embarressed to admit I want everything done and I want it NOW!

I've totally forgotten just what it was like to wait for the darn glue to dry so I could move on to the next part. I've totally forgotten just how many times I had to turn the kit to get all the joints glued. I've totally forgotten just how much sanding I've had to to do to smooth everything out. These new ARF kits have just spoiled me to no ends, not to mention the new laser cutting and the use of of CA & 5 minute epoxy.

I remember just doing some small amounts of building and reviewing the plans/parts/pieces and looking forward to assembling the next few pieces. (Usually darn few) I actually looked forward to getting everything smoothed out and getting the pieces to fit live a glove. Ahh, the days of seeking perfection! Wood glue, sandpaper, a sharp knife, time and sore fingers.

I know those days are pretty much gone, and upon reflection, I can honestly say I don't really miss them. But this build for a friend and old time builder/flyer has sure brought back some memories that I'll cherish forever. I'd write a little more but I think I see some wood glue drying....

Posted by deckert | Jul 09, 2010 @ 11:11 PM | 4,382 Views
I just received a package today from Afghanistan. The package came from an RCG member who's stationed there. Got some Freedom Watch magazines that show/describe the good our troops are doing over there. The stuff we never hear about because the frigging US news? just reports the negative. I was amazed to say the least. The magazine photos/stories are a mix of heartfelt goodness and the conditions our troops are working in. The stories are from the troops in the field describing actual conditions, both good and bad. However, the focus is on the good that's taking place over there and where we're headed to be able to allow Afghanistan to self control thereby allowing our troops to come home. Also, over 300 images of goings on and reconstruction. I also got a couple of goodies that will be forever cherished. Not for their value but because they came from the heart of a GI I'll probably never meet nor truly know. I thank each and every service man and woman everyday for their sacrifices in protecting our country and freedoms. I wish I could say the same about our president and legislative bodies.

Posted by deckert | Jul 04, 2010 @ 01:08 AM | 4,851 Views
I don't know what else to say. I finally got my Lee Ulinger PocketKnife Bipe finished. I used a Motrolfly DM-2215-1150/FM-30a ESC/MaxAmps 2200 lipo/10x4.7APC instead of the Hacker 20-20L recommended gear. This thing just ROCKS! Aileron rolls are just crazy. Inside/outside loops are insane. I'm pulling 300~350 watts on this setup. Knife edges need about nothing for rudder input because there's so much area on the fuselage. I didn't dial any expo into this and am running at 100% throws. I also fly Lees' SF-1 with the Hacker 20-20L but the Motrolfly setup is just outstanding compared to the Hacker setup. The maiden was in 10~15 mph winds. I did add a Dubro micro tail wheel so I wouldn't be scrubbing the rudder and changed all the servo rods over to CF with adjustable ends. UNK all up weight but I'm going to LOVE flying this bird. I like it so much I'm going to give the SF-1 away to a new beginner flyer here in town.

There are 1.5 shortcomings as I see it. One being the ability to align the wheels to the plane to taxi in a straight line. It's kind of a guesstimate adventure. In all fairness, I'm pretty sure Lee didn't build this wonderful bird for taxing down any amount of runway. But it's sure nice to have the ability if you need it. The 2nd being I feel as though there needs to be a 45 degree stiffing block/plate on the bottom side behind the motor mount to tie the motor mount back to the fuselage. But my feelings are only subjective. The bird sells for $85.00 & that...Continue Reading