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Posted by deckert | Oct 25, 2009 @ 11:12 PM | 4,351 Views
Jeez, who'da thunk it? End of Oct. and the day was perfect fer flyin, at least in this country. ( NO WIND, overcast & 60 degrees. I sent up my,
GP Fokker DR-7,
Stevens Aero Stella,
E-Flite Extra 260/25e,
Hyperion Cap 232/25e
and my Lee Ulinger SF1.

Everything is back in the same condition it went up in. MY beloved Taylorcraft got grounded during pre-flight due to ANOTHER HS-55 SERVO FAILURE. It just quit working. I'm going to strip every one of these 55's out of everything I have and replace them, I've had it with these things. Look for a sale in the servo ads soon. I have at least 12 working plus parts. (cases-gears) None-the-less, what a day! YAHOO!