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Posted by deckert | Jul 16, 2009 @ 01:58 AM | 3,891 Views
Got the Taylorcraft out last night after class @ the college around 8:30 pm. Absolutley beautiful out. No winds, 1/2 acre of asphalt and the sun to my back. Just doing some short figure 8's back and forth. Life is great. Slow poking around until.. What the he**? The bird takes a left turn, while I'm in a gentle right turn, and is out of my control. I pulled the power and hit the AC in a not so gentle manner. The motor mount is gone for sure but I haven't had the ambition to open it up to survey the damage. Wing tips are light damage and the rudder bottom as well. Cowl is scarred up pretty good. The gear never bent and I have no idea how the bird hit because it was into the sun when it went down. All the controls worked correctly during the 'after' inspection so I don't know what happened.(HS-55's) I know the college has 2.4 wireless access all over the campus but...I've flown on the campus before with no problems, but not in this area. TX/RX is Spektrum DX-7 & AR7000. Absolute bummer....WAH!